Saturday, July 30, 2011

The NAMES They Are A-Changin'


our son...

O'Ryan Jacob!

That's right. The name "Orien" is no more. It's bittersweet to me. But after months of thought and discussion Brett and I decided we wanted to change the spelling of his name. (Just for the record this is how I originally wanted to spell it!! But I let Brett win that battle several years ago. Love ya B!)

Say goodbye to people pronouncing his name like:

and my fav...

Even after they've known him his whole life or have been told how to say it!
*we actually find this funny but also a bit bothersome :)

Now if we can just get people to say our last name correctly.

Now, say HELLO to my LITTLE FRIEND...

O'Ryan :)

**We haven't officially changed his name but are in the process of doing so


  1. AWE!! I love it!! :) Still the most precious little boy ever! :)

  2. :( I Love the spelling of Orien. But Orien is still O'Ryan so I will get use to it. He is such a sweet cute little boy. I miss him and you.

  3. Totally understand the trouble with that one... glad you guys made a decision :) It will probably make his life much easier in the long run haha. It's a superrrrcute name HOWEVER it's spelled!