Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Toys Galore

Any mom will tell you it's quite nice when your kid is content playing with his toys all day. I'm not used to that! But after Christmas, O has been pretty entertained by all of his new gifts...bikes, trains, drums, tool sets. He loves it all. The train table is not surprisingly his favorite, but the drums his Grandma and Grandpa gave him are a close second. He LOVES it! He grabs pretend microphones and sings into them LOL. So funny. I have absolutely LOVED the age of 1-2 years old and will greatly miss it. It's been such a sweet, special year to watch him grow and learn. Ah, can't wrap my mind around him turning TWO in March. I want time to slow down. Guess that's how it goes when raising kids?

Time slips away just too quickly.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mobile Uploads, Last of '10

Enjoy the last 2010 Mobile Uploads!

Bath time = happy time

Chillin' at the museum

Winter hat

Visiting Grandpa Jack

Kissing Grandma Angie


My sweet boy with his new toy!

Orien's 2nd Christmas - AMAZING!

It was

Hands down it was my best Christmas ever. Having a child puts a completely different spin on the whole idea of the season. It's so exciting to show him all that comes with Christmas - Santa (or "Ho Hoo"), reindeer, lights, decorations, candy canes, music... the list goes on! Although Orien caught onto the idea of Santa really fast, he definitely did not take to him. Not surprising at all, since he is 21 months, a prime age for being freaked out by the man in the red suit. We casually walked by Santa several times in the mall but definitely didn't plan on sitting on his lap and snappin' a photo this year. Next year, maybe?

Christmas morning was totally priceless! Orien reacted just as I had imagined he would. His Christmas gift to US was that he slept in til 7am! Ha! He's an early riser. So I woke Brett up at 6:30 and we exchanged gifts. It was nice to have that quiet time just with us on Christmas morning. We were able to enjoy each of our gifts and relax a bit before the real excitement began. 

I actually went and woke Orien UP. I've never done that, but it was Christmas morning!!! He was very sleepy at first but then QUICKLY caught on to the idea. After his first gift he really woke up :) He was cute though because he didn't get overwhelmed and rush through them all. He really seemed to appreciate each toy. We took our time and he would hug or kiss us after opening each present. Super sweet!!! We showed him his train table last, which was set up in his playroom. We got his reaction on video. I'll try to upload it but it seems that blogger doesn't like to upload my videos lately :(

All he plays with is the train table. He goes around and around and around the track saying "choo choo." Over and over again. I'm amazed something so simple can entertain him so much. I love it! He's a total boy - in love with all things with wheels. Trains are his definite favorite.

It was a wonderful Christmas and one I'll never forget. We are so so blessed to be able to have the Christmas we did. I know many cannot do gifts, but I hope they experienced some joy, love, family and laughter on that special day. After all, those are the true gifts in life! 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Post

Good morning! We're off to use our gift cards today and hit up some of the GREAT sales :) Enjoy our photos from the past few days...

See the rest of our Christmas photos here on Facebook!

I'll post when I have more time details about Christmas morning! It was wonderful :)

God Bless!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas #1

Enjoy some photos from Christmas #1...

New toy from Qui Qui and Popo

Always has a blast with Nen Nen

Family. Food. Laughter. Gift-giving. 

It was a GREAT night :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guess Whaaat?

In less than a month

Me, Orien and my Mom

are heading to heaven on Earth...

Jackson Hole, WY!!!!!!!

The slopes are calling my name. It's been too long. A BIG THANKS to my awesome Mom for the best Christmas gift ever!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It is such a fine line... 

The line between pushing God and religion on someone and simply being a disciple of God's love and His word. I hope this post is just that - me spreading His love.

I have noticed a major transformation in our household within the past year. Troublesome times and heavy burdens have come upon our home. Cancer. Financial troubles. Doctor visits. Migraines. ER trips. Anxiety. Stress. Sleep deprivation. 

But I look back on 2010 and can only think how incredibly BLESSED we have been. We've grown in every way - spiritually, emotionally, mentally. We've been pushed and pulled and tugged this way and that way...but with God by our side, we came through. We have been truly transformed by God Himself. It is amazing to think about, the transformation. In every way I feel different, better. I do not say any of this to boast. I simply say it to exemplify how great God is and how He can perform the impossible. 

I'm more patient. I'm more laid-back. I'm more positive and optimistic. I'm more encouraging to others. I'm more humble and giving. I'm more spiritual. And it's ALL because of Him. I've learned to turn to God during every trial - small or big. He is there and I've seen His work in every aspect of my life. 

I hope you, too, can learn to pray and follow God if you haven't already. Just try a quick, simple prayer, "God I give my life to you and please forgive me for my sins. I accept that Jesus is your Son and Christ the Lord." And that's it! Easy as that. God yearns for all of us to become His followers. Won't you join? 

And be transformed.

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Chair

Hi! This is my new chair! I love it. When mommy gave it to me I opened my mouth really big and said "Woahhh." I sat in it all morning. Thanks mom :)

- Orien