Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I guessed Orien was 10 lbs at most. I was way off...

He weighed in at 12 lbs, 6 oz. He's in the 75 percentile for his age. He's a BIG BABY. Very healthy though said the doc. I've heard of women having babies born that big...yiiikes. Everything looked 100%! Orien even had 3 shots in his thighs (one very painful one) and he screamed only for a few seconds...then mom could cuddle him and he just passed out for the rest of the appointment. Mom didn't even cry :) 

The next appointment isn't until 4 months, where he will get more immunizations. Although he doesn't like the shots, I look forward to them since I'm paranoid about germs and diseases. I think we have hand sanitizer and hand wipes in both our cars and all around the house. I've always been cautious about germs, but after having a baby it's grown to a different level! I never realized how gross the world is!!! It took me 2 months to finally take him to HEB. I'm getting better though with time :)

I only have ONE more month at home with him. Mostly I am bummed about not getting to care for him full time, but I am really looking forward to working again. It's been since Decemeber that I have worked. I miss it. I have some pretty good co-workers I'd have to say :) Definitely a cool boss. But leaving Orien won't be easy at all...I'll change the subject so I don't get too sad...

The next few weekends will be busy to say the least. Actually this summer is really filling up FAST. The next 3 weekends we will have visitors from out of town. Four weeks from now we leave for JACKSON HOLE. We've had to reschedule this trip 2 times now ($300/change...annoying) we're really excited about going. We have a lot planned, including a night in Yellowstone, fly fishing and just enjoying the mountains and fresh air. My family, two cousins and grandma will be coming too. That next weekend is Kyle's wedding; Brett is a groomsman. We're not sure if Orien will join us for that wedding. Then it's JULY 4th! Busy busy. I think we may finally have a free weekend in July to head to the lake, but not long after we have another wedding (I am a bridesmaid) and a bachelorette party. 

Sigh. We may have to wait til August to hang around the house and enjoy quiet family time! It will be an exciting summer with lots for Orien to experience. Every day truly gets better and better. And his first real smile was worth everything we've gone through. You don't really understand until you have a child, but it's the BEST feeling in the world. to get him. He's stirring from his cat nap. 

Much love,

Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer is Here

Don't have time right now to write much. Here's some photos from the weekend. It's getting HOT lately - summer is here!

Blue eyes.
Beach house
Always interested in the camera


First time to wear shoes

First time to wear overalls!

Leah barking at the camera like always

Happy to be watching sponge bob

TV time / mom cleans and eats and does laundry time

Friday, May 22, 2009

Remembering Today


Just wanted to say that we are remembering Jack Boettcher today - one year since he has joined others in heaven. He was so special to us and everyone who knew him. Today we will think of him  lots and remember the wonderful, caring and loving person he was. Although Orien never met his great-grandpa, he will always know all about him and how amazing he was! 

We miss you always. 

Much love,
Patricia, Brett & Orien

Thursday, May 21, 2009



Another month...and lots of fun new milestones came with month two! Actual SMILES in reaction to our smiles, more talking and coos when we read and talk to him, sucking on his hands and fingers, a lot more alert throughout the day. And we've discovered Orien LOVES cartoons and American Idol :) He will sit and watch the TV as long as you'll put him in front of it. It's been a great month!

Orien and mom

Throw up on daddy

This pic is for Aunt Judy - he liked his hat but only for a second. He started crying right after :)

Love that smile!! 

Big ole' baby

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding #1


Last weekend Brett & I went up to Dallas for a night for our friend's wedding. Chris and Amanda tied the knot in a garden ceremony that was beautiful! They were both college friends of ours. We were thankful my mom could watch Orien so we could have a mini trip to see friends we hadn't seen since our wedding. It felt odd not having a little one to think about and take care of full time. But my mom and David enjoyed it thoroughly from what I was told! Brett & I really enjoyed our trip too - we napped right when we arrived to Dallas and slept for nearly 10 hours that night lol! We miss our sleep. (although we do see an end in sight now..) The ceremony was gorgeous and the weather thankfully held up! At the reception Brett showed off his hot dance moves as usual :) It was a great night.

It was a fun short weekend trip and we're truly happy for our now-married friends! 


The rain almost started...but held off thankfully!

Yay newlyweds!!!

Breezy and chilly out, but the picture came out alright anyway :)

My hot date.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Smilin and Talkin

I hate that I talk in these videos...ignore me! :)

Smiles & Spoons

Mom put him in a sitting position and he loved it!

...So much that we had lots of big SMILES!

He's a happy baby.

Brett's first spoon-feeding attempt...  it takes some practice.

Orien wasn't too sure about this. 
(note: we bought baby spoons today so we no longer have to use plastic ones!)

Bonding time.

He's thinking he likes this more...

Lesson learned: never use a blue jean bib while feeding him cereal. Gross.

After he ate 5 1/2 oz. and a few spoon fulls of rice cereal yesterday, he was quite happy and SLEPT FOUR HOURS. (That's a 

He did it again after a middle of the night feeding. Even better! Of course he wouldn't go back to sleep unless he was sleeping on mom or dad. Maybe because we were gone this weekend; he missed us :) Tonight he's graduating from the pack n' play/mom & dad's bed to HIS CRIB!!!! I'm nervous and don't want to yet, but the Doc says it's best and will help him sleep better. So we're setting up the monitor and will see how it goes!

- Patricia

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


He loves bathtime

Not sure what was happening here...

Duck overload

And there's a smile :)

Trying to figure out the camera lights and sounds