Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Words Necessary

Okay, I lied. There are a couple words necessary. 

First, a BIG high-five to PF Changs. They expanded their GF menu!!! I had chicken fried rice! Um, that's a huge deal. I can't have soy sauce, but they used GF soy sauce and there was zero difference. Not even Brett could tell. 

Second, after dinner we went to Sprinkles. That was the whole reason for eating in town - so I could eat a delicious red velvet (GF) cupcake! It did not disappoint. I just LOVE all of these places for catering to us who have Celiac or are gluten-sensitive! It makes eating out and traveling a bit easier. 

Lastly, yesterday was hard. I was so disheartened about my pain situation. Today isn't a whole lot better. I went to my doctor and dentist (they office together and work together to help my pain) and I'm just not getting the treatment and/or answers I feel I need. It's time for a (way over-due) second opinion. Also, I'm going to see an acupuncturist soon. I've heard it really helps with TMJ. My pain is so extreme. I don't want to eat, smile, talk. It feels like knives drilling into the back of my head, neck and upper back non-stop. And the jaw pain is only getting worse. My muscles are so tight and tender. I did get laser treatment today. Usually it helps but I don't think it did much today. 

Please keep my situation in your prayers. God lead me through my migraine struggle and I know He'll lead me through this. But today, that's hard to see. Thank you for everyone's support, advice and help! I would be a mess without my family and friends :) Or more of a mess than I already am, ha.

Monday, June 27, 2011

How WE Do Summer Part 2

Our days have been so packed! I'm actually trying to slow things down a bit. Check out what we've been up to...

CARS 2!!! 
He only made it through 45 minutes of the movie. Maybe if there weren't 30 minutes of previews??

Brett left for a night with his friends to go fishing off of Galveston. Unfortunately, the high winds put a dent in their plans. They couldn't go deep sea fishing. The boys were still able to fish in the jetties though. 

Look how SMALL he looks!!

This is one of Orien's best friend's 4th birthday party. The kids were (patiently!) waiting for their turn to hit the pinata.

Birthday Boy!

Good form!

There's nothing better than candy falling from the sky for this kid!

"Look Mommy! I got more!"

Despite the heat, we've been outside a lot. Mostly mornings and evenings. From 12-4pm it's just WAY too hot. Every day it's 100 plus heat index. And we're still in the midst of a drought. We've only had one good rain since January. I can't believe it.

I think I might do a cookie cake for the next birthday party we throw.

O experimenting with goggles.

This was such a fun, chilled out afternoon at my mom's. 

Brett was totally exhausted from fishing, so he stayed home and slept. Orien and I hung out with Michel and my Mom in the pool.

Mommy and O shot!

I said, "Say cheese!" But he forgot to look up :)

WARNING:  Toddler screams when excited!

Actually woke up in a GOOD MOOD! That's what happens when you sleep in until 8am rather than 6:45!

Today was a very difficult day for me. My TMJ pain is increasing and emotionally I broke down. Part of me keeps asking WHY is this happening to me? And the other part of me knows to have FAITH! So today I wasn't focusing on the 'having faith' part :) 

BIG thanks to my mom for leaving work in the midst of her busy day to be there for me. She massaged my face! Ha, sounds weird. But it helped. And she bought me a new heating pad. Loooooove my mom!!!!

During O's nap I swam a bit to loosen up my muscles. Can you find Leah?

How's your summer going??

I'll check in soon!

My Fab 5

1. Gymboree with Mom's group! Orien just loves it there. It's heaven for a toddler.

2. Abs class at the Y. It's a 15-minute intense abs work out. I love and hate it at the same time!

3. Hearing Patrick (our pastor) talk about our true NEEDS in life at church. It was a wake-up call I needed to hear.

4. Getting snoballs with Brett, Orien, Michel and my mom on a warm, summer evening!

5. Having our entire Home Team over last night for burgers and some pool action. The kids swam for hours and O slept til 8am!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Many Faces Of

my Orien...

Never change. 
Always stay silly. 
Forever be YOU!

Love ya my boo :)