Tuesday, June 30, 2009


June 29, 2009
~ Bathtime ~

Hi Mommy.

Leah likes to watch. 


Biggg boy.

Loves bathtime.

He entertains himself with blowing bubbles.


Friday, June 19, 2009


Here's my baby @ 3 months! I have to say he's the cutest thing in the whole world. He did so so well. 

Much love,

I think he looks more like me here!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Isn't he getting BIG?!!! He holds some of his rattles now! He loves putting them in his mouth along with his hands. He's always chomping on his fingers. We're still working on getting him to grab for things...but he's pretty close. Every day he is more alert and aware of his surroundings. When someone walks in the room he looks that way and when the dogs are nearby he watches them intensely! He loves watching Leah. He does some little laughs when I feed the dogs treats and they jump up to get them. 

I put him in the sitting position a lot so he gets a different view of the world :) It also helps his back/neck muscles. He was watching TV the other day...

I can't believe June is nearly gone! We're off to Jackson Hole, WY this Sunday-Friday. We don't have much planned, besides hanging out, enjoying the gorgeous weather and scenery and having lots of family time before I go back to work! Brett's going to try fly-fishing for the first time! Jackson Hole is the place to do it if you're going to try it. We're heading north to Yellowstone for a night too. I can't wait. It's beauuuutiful there. We have a wedding all next weekend, then it's back to SL! 

Time for dinner. Much love to everyone. 


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How Did He Fit?!?

I woke up this morning and saw these photos. I just can't believe he fit in there! Pregnancy is amazing, no matter how hard it is. My entire experience was worth it to now have my little bundle of baby :) 

7 mon (I think)

8 months

Nearly 9 months

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Day in the Life of Orien

I thought I'd share a day in the life of Orien...


7:15am I woke up in my crib happy because I slept four hours in a row!

7:30am Finally started crying so mom and dad would come get me out of the crib. The mobile gets boring after a while to look at.

7:35am Hung out with mom and dad in their bed and smiled with them. Mom sang to me some and I gave her BIG smiles.

7:45am FOOD! Daddy fed me. Mom drank lots of coffee.

8:00am Mom let me watch cartoons in my bouncer. I love Spongebob! Sometimes mom watches the news but that's not as fun as colorful cartoons. I also watched our big orange dog for a while too. She's very loud when she barks, but interesting to watch.

8:30am Mom took me for a walk in the neighborhood. I slept the whole time because I love the sound of the stroller and the motion!

9:00am Mom put me in the crib to look at the mobile while she got ready and showered for the day.

9:30am BATHTIME! Mom used my new bathtub which has a froggy sponge I lay on. I love it when she pours water on my belly!

10:00am Playtime with mom in the living room. The dogs kept wrestling close to me on the floor so mom made them go outside. She read me books and showed me toys that always make me smile big :)

10:45am Cat nap in my swing!

11:15am FOOD! 

11:30am Cuddle time with my pacifier and mom in the lazy boy. She watched the news. I dozed off some...

12:30pm Aunt Brina came over and I met her! I was fussy some though because I needed to go #2.

1:00pm Maqui came over! I looove her so much that I pooped for her. Mom made Maqui clean it all up. They kept calling me stinky.

1:30pm Playtime with Maqui. She walked me around our house and I looked at all of the pictures on the wall. 

2:00pm FOOD again. Yum!

2:30pm Maqui and Nanny took me to their doctor appointment while mom took Bailey to the vet. The vet is too dirty for me to go to still. I don't remember much because I slept the entire time. I love the car. It always makes me sleepy :)

3:45pm I woke up and I was back in my crib! I love my crib - so many things to look at and it's comfy. Mom came and got me and we snuggled. 

4:15pm Mom and I sat outside and watched the rain clouds roll in. I liked it because it wasn't too bright out and there was a breeze. I stared at the palm trees because they make noise and are interesting to look at. Our big orange dog ran around the yard because she is hyper.

4:30pm Tummy time on the floor. Mom made the dogs go out again. She thinks they're annoying sometimes.

5:15pm DADDY'S HOME!

5:30pm FOOD :)

5:45pm Cat nap time in my swing - just in time so mom can cook and they can eat dinner.

6:15pm Up again! Mommy and I talked a lot on the couch.

7:00pm Daddy's turn to play with me. I was talking a lot for him and smiling a bunch. Then I got fussy for a little bit, because I was getting a little sleepy after a long day. 

7:30pm Daddy bathed me. Then he wrapped me in my new puppy dog towel Aunt Rhonda gave me. I love it because it's soft and blue.

8:15pm Daddy fed me again, then we snuggled on the lazy boy. He rocked me to sleep, even though mom says don't rock me to sleep! 

8:30pm I was OUT. Bedtime after a FUN, full day :)