Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hanging Around the House

Enjoy the latest batch of photos. Every day Orien has been acting more and more like a BIG boy, not a baby. I'm soaking in these moments with him, because I know before I realize it he will be a toddler!

Hope everyone is well!


He really likes hugging Leah lately.

She's good and lets him climb on her.

Hanging out with RenRen and mom.

Check out my rocks!

HUH RenRen?

Saturday, January 23, 2010


New Foods

Orien's had some new foods lately, including cheerios, goldfish, yogurt, cheese, toast and jello! Here's some photos of him trying some new things out.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Milestones @ 9.5 Months

I wanted to make a note of Orien's new milestone's.

1. Clapping as of 8.5 months

2. High fives as of 9 months (Dad taught him)

3. Gets into crawling position, yet no crawling!

4. Says MaMa regularly as of 9 months

5. Trying to take his first step, but a little hesitant!

6. Walks around on his own with his truck he pushes.

Stats @ 9mon 3 wks: 18.5 lbs (10%), 29 in (75%)

His weight % has dropped only because he is a lot more active now. The doc said it's normal but to work on increasing his food intake. Orien currently has an aggressive virus according to the he's not eating much now. But when he's better, we will be sure to get Orien's weight up!

Orien is tall and thin...who would've thought??! ;)

The Boettcher's wish you all a wonderful Friday and weekend!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome 2010!


We bundled up and played in the backyard a few days ago. The weather has been really chilly, but since the SUN was finally out I wanted to get some fresh air! I went equipped with my camera of course :)

Check out Orien's funny and cute faces...he's so adorable I could eat him up!


This is my favorite.

Rocks are yummy.


Slidell Trip

Orien and I hopped on a last minute flight to Slidell, LA to visit all of our family! It was SO fun, as usual. Orien gots lots of attention and L-O-V-E. He's going to grow to love our extended fam and have a blast there just as I did when I was little (and STILL do!).

Thanks Aunt Rhonda for letting us stay with you! We had a great time.


He looks either really bored or really relaxed opening his gifts! Haha.

Cutie with a bow.

Dancing with Maqui.

Getting all the attention.

Push push push...

Very excited about pushing...