Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Say What??

** I haven't been blogging because computer time is not good for my body right now. The light makes my head hurt more and the typing/sitting aggravates my back. I miss it but will continue when I can :)

I want to eat the deer hair

You're in a bad mood Mommy not a good mood

O- my camp teachers said don't pick your nose!
P- I can help you blow your nose if you want
I- no that's my booger's home. They need to stay in their home and not come out.

Oh the wind makes an amazing dryer!

I wonder If the firework show will have an ostrich?
Why would there be an ostrich?
Because I've never seen one and I want to touch one.

Mommy you're so good to me.

I'm making a road all the way to highway 6! A road of balls.

I had a long booger just like daddy does come out my nose. Then I sucked it back up just like daddy does too!

We picked yellow flowers and they smelled like yellow flowers.....I mean yellow gum.

Well I like scabs on my finger. They make me happy.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

I need to go get some acupuncture.

(Just after I mopped)
"Mom I'm making lots of little footprints on the floor for you!"