Monday, April 27, 2009

Orien's First Lake Trip

We had a wonderful weekend at the lake with family. Check out the photos...

Uncle Rich and Ashley


Wanting to jump

They all jumped!

Out at the Grismill

Lake McQueeney

Hanging out with mommy on the swing

Little foot

Thinking hard


Orien in his new sling :) Thank you Aunt Wanda!

Keepin one eye open

We finally caught a smile on camera!

We love :)

My favorite picture all weekend

It was a long weekend, nap with mommy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Milestones

The past few days we have started noticing Orien's new milestones... 

He has started making some serious eye contact!!! He used to just quickly gaze at us, but now he focuses on our faces and eyes. It's awesome! He also has been cooing a lot lately and making different sounds. I think he started really noticing he has hands now too! He loves sucking on them and playing with his hands. It's amazing to see him literally develop in front of our eyes. Every little new development is so fun to watch. Maqui (my mom) has seen him "smile" lately...I'm not sure I've seen a true smile yet, but they're getting closer to the real thing :) He has also been more alert and awake during the days (finally!)...but the nights aren't any easier yet lol. But it's fun during the day to be able to interact with him. Sometimes I don't know what to do with him haha...I feel like every second he's awake I should be doing something with him. But I've noticed he likes to zone out and have alone time to just gaze and chill. It's cute. I've been taking him on daily morning walks and he zones out a lot on them and LOVES the nice weather and rhythm of the stroller.

Ok, gotta start my busy day, Brett's about to head off to work. I have a day full of laundry, cleaning, packing and being a mommy...we're going to the LAKE tomorrow morning!!! Some of Brett's visiting family is coming with us until Friday. We'll be there through Sunday since my family is coming this weekend too. It's Orien's FIRST TIME to Lake McQueeney...should be fun :) We'll post photos. 

PS. I didn't realize just HOW MUCH STUFF BABIES NEED. I've been packing for Orien since yesterday and haven't even gotten to the clothes yet! 

Love yall,

Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy, rainy weekend!

We had a busy weekend with family visiting! Although it rained for 2 days straight we had fun. Here's some photos...


Maqui babysat so we cold finally go on a date after 4 months!

Some day I won't look so exhausted in every picture.

Steph & Kyle came by to visit!

Kyle & Orien

Grace, Aunt Wanda & Orien


Crawfish boil...Princess was picking on them

Uncle Danny & Parrain made some gooood crawfish


Orien in his preppy Polo

Grace loves him

Stopped by to see his Uncle David

He fell asleep on his play mat...too much stimulation

Sportin his crab onesie

Sunday, April 12, 2009



Enjoy our photos from the weekend :)

- Patricia, Brett & Orien