Saturday, November 27, 2010

Boats & Build-A-Bear

We've had a lot of fun the past week. 

Orien looking half cool, half goofy in his sunglasses Uncle D and Aunt Gigi gave him.

One of his favorite things lately.

"boat, boat, boat, boat"

The lake was a big hit as always.

Looking for boats.

Someone has the best Parrain ever!!!! New swing Eric put up. And he has the cuts to prove it (he fell off the latter).

Being a boy.

Cold front arrived!

Orien surprisingly loved his hat. He kept bringing it to me and pointing to his head. Then he would bend forward so I could put it on for him. 

Happy to be back home!

Backyard drive.

No, he's not dead. Just meditating.

Checking out life from a different angle.

First trip to Build-A-Bear was a success! Even found a mini BOY stroller. Y'all know that's a huge hit with this little man.

two days late!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


We're ready

to decorate for Christmas tomorrow

to go to the lakehouse for Thanksgiving

to eat so much turkey we can't move

to focus on what we are extremely thankful for in our life

We're ready

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast, Chick Fil A Style

Today at school, Orien's class is having a Thanksgiving Feast! They're gonna skip the turkey and green bean casserole and serve the kids Chick Fil A. I know Orien will devour it; that is his favorite place to eat lately. Brett and I thought he looked extra handsome today, so we took some photos to post. 

I made the mistake of letting Orien up on the counter one day to better see what was in his "snack cabinet". Now he feels it's necessary to do that 150x/day.

Orien trying out breakfast options.


This is the best!

As you can see, we woke up to much cooler weather. It had us all in a good mood this morning! We turned on the fire, cranked up the heater and busted out our jackets. Can't say the weather will stay long, but we're going to be sure and enjoy it while its here.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busy B's

Wow, have we been busy! I'm adjusting to the new balancing act of working/mommying. I really don't work that much, but I definitely have to plan well to make time for it. My main job is still being a momma.

Check out what we've been up to the past week (well, what Orien has been up to).

Playdate with Emerson and Hayden.

It had been too long since they had seen each other!

Looking grumpy but he was just sleepy.

Whose idea was this? Cookie cake just before bedtime. Definitely made for some interesting entertainment that night!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This week I'm thankful for:

1. A preschool that my son loves
2. My splint that is getting rid of my horrible headaches!!!
3. Our big, smelly, clumsy dog
4. To have work so I can make our family some extra income
5. My tempurpedic!
6. For the rain and cooler weather that is hopefully coming this weekend

Several photos from the week:


My mom and O watching Eric's practice together.

I think he likes her.

After practice we hit up the nice Astroturf field...

Orien thought he died and went to Heaven!!!

Speaking of football...Eric's team is off to the PLAYOFFS this weekend!!!! They deserve it so much; I'm so happy for my brother. They're playing this Friday in San Antonio. I am SO sad to say that we won't be able to go. We want to so badly but just can't make it work. I know we'll be getting minute-to-minute texts and updates from my family who will all be there. It's supposed to be a challenging game, but they can do it. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend wrap up and a little announcement

Weekend wrap up: 
Brett and I headed to Rockport, TX for a retreat with our church Friday. A BIG thanks to Mandy (and her fam) and my mom and family for having Orien while we left town. Although our trip was cut short, it was great to getaway. We planned to stay through Sunday, but a horrible migraine snuck its way into my head Friday and grew worse Saturday. After we finished most of the retreat, we were pretty much stuck in the hotel room due to my intense migraine. I couldn't take it anymore so I called the doctor on call. She prescribed a steroid for me - woo! But unfortunately all of the nearby pharmacies closed too early so we had to drive back that night to get my medicine. It was a long 2 1/2 hour drive, but we made it and I got some relief! We were able to get Orien from my mom and had an entire Sunday with just us three. We love those days!

Orien having some backyard fun with his car today.

Little Announcement:
My announcement is that I'm working part time now from home!!!!! YAY! I have officially become a freelance writer! I'm currently writing for Houston Family Magazine. I met with the editor last week and we agreed that I would do one or two articles for them a month. I may do another job for them monthly, but that is up in the air right now. I already have three articles lined up and I cannot wait! I am slowly getting into this business and really just taking it a day at a time. I want to get used to my already busy schedule (mom/wife/churchvolunteer/MKpublisher/writer) first and then get myself out there more as a writer. 

This is something I have prayed daily about for over a year. Since I began staying home with Orien I sensed something was missing. I know a lot of moms can relate. I knew I needed to be at home with my son but I also knew I was meant to do something else. Writing has always been my passion. Now I get the chance to earn an income doing what I love - all from home and mostly on my time. Thank you God for answered prayers!!!! I patiently waited for Him to show me which path to go down. At times it wasn't easy and I grew frustrated but if you ask, you will receive (in time!). AMEN!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Aren't his shoe-socks Nanny gave him superrr cool?

I have been so content lately. My responsibilities are increasing and there are plenty of things I could get worried about, but I'm just not. I'm focusing on the pleasures my life brings me. I think that comes with spiritual growth. This year God has helped us grow SO much and learn to lean on Him for every single thing. In church I recently heard our pastor say "God is more concerned with your spiritual growth than your comfort". I just love that! Some days when I'm really struggling physically or mentally, I think, God  really must be up to something with me today :)

Back to being content. For months I wondered when to have a second child. Orien turned 1 and it seemed like I should be thinking about #2. All of my mom friends seemed to have kids back to back. After your kid turns 1 people start asking "So when is the next one coming?" Huh? Excuse me? I'm still not getting sleep, I would think. My son just got off the bottle. He JUST started sleeping through the night. I am still not a pro at this. But all of those outside pressures somehow slowly warped my overly-exhausted and frayed mind into thinking it was time. It was time for baby 2, yes! I started noticing babies and their cute chubby faces more. I began dropping hints to my husband. After several weeks of discussing it, we decided to go for it. We tried for one month and I was sure I would get pregnant. After all, I'm young and it only took one try for our little O. Well...negative. All of them. But I oddly didn't feel sad. I felt more confused. 

Then. Life got hard. The walls were caving in from every direction. What happened, I thought! Life was so peaceful and I felt I was sooo ready for #2! Wrong wrong wrong. And God knew all along. I wasn't ready. He pushed me to my limit those few weeks after we tried to get pregnant. It was a wake-up call to me. Hello! You need to focus on YOU first. Now is not the time. Needless to say, we stopped trying fast. 

I am so thankful He intervened in such a dramatic way. I am ashamed to say I didn't even ask God much for guidance when wondering when to have a second child. Yet...He was there. He knew what was best for me. I can see now, months later, that it is VERY good that I'm not pregnant right now. I've had countless health problems this fall and my body wouldn't be able to handle a pregnancy.

I've come full circle this year. I am so so completely content with ONE. Having the time to focus on only Orien right now is truly a blessing. I know it will be different when we have another child. The bond of a first child and their mom is special. We get so much Mommy-and-Me time, which is priceless! Baby #2 is so far off in the distance in my mind and I love it that way. I'm not even convinced we will have another one and that is okay. We're taking it one day at a time and not letting one second pass us by without savoring it!

Ready for school...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Wednesday

It was cold and rainy and mom is again suffering from a cold! So we stayed inside in our PJs all day. Sometimes days like this make me feel like an unproductive wife and mom, but today it was simply relaxing! Despite feeling under the weather, it was a good good day.

First fireplace use this season!

Daddy's boots.

Oops, he fell.

Snuggled a lot today.

Orien still waking up from his nap.

And I think Leah is trying to nap.

Found some old Mardi Gras beads!

Signing and dancing to music.

Dance dance.

It's his favorite thing to do lately.

So happy!

There ya have it! That was our Wednesday. I really appreciated all the cuddle time O and I got. When one of us is feeling sick, he is such a good snuggler. Lately, he tries to hard to tell us what he wants or what he's thinking. Mostly we can't understand him so we ask him questions. Orien always says "ya!" or "na!" It's too funny. He says it with such enthusiasm every time too! Eventually we'll get him to say "yes" and "no" but it's too cute to correct now. Plus, he's young. As long as we're all communicating, things are good in our household! 

Alright, the little one is calling...until next time!