Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby's First BU Visit!


It was an eventful weekend. Here's what we did!


Arrived on campus in the afternoon and SO happy to see it again!!! I love the feeling of driving up to Baylor and seeing the green grass and beautiful buildings and students everywhere. We walked around campus, got coffee @ the yummy Common Grounds and met up with Ashton! I have not seen her since my wedding. She just moved back to TX after being in TN for grad school. That may have been the BEST part of the weekend - catching up with her. So happy she's back!!

Went to dinner with friends @ Austin's in downtown. This is when my voice began deteriorating to nothing. I still don't have a voice, just whispers :) It was SO fun to see people and catch up. Orien was up past his bedtime, so he was a bit fussy, but we left a little early and he snoooozed hard most of the night.


UP EARLY! 6:10am to be exact. Orien is an early riser, as most babies tend to be. I surprisingly felt GREAT, despite not a full night's rest and having a cold now for a week. We played and played then finally woke Daddy up - it was PARADE TIME!!! I was really excited to dress Orien in his first big boy jacket I bought him (and matching hat!). He looked adorable, and slightly like an overgrown blueberry. Poor guy haha. It warmed up quickly though and he didn't need it. All of our friends were at the parade. This part of Homecoming is a huge tradition and attracts 1000s of people! We didn't watch most of the parade, but did have fun chatting and Orien liked all the dogs!

Afterward, we drove around a bit to get little O to nap and then headed to George's Tent right near the stadium to hang out some more with friends. We weren't too interested in the BU game. I think we knew the outcome :) The weather was PERFECT. 100% perfect! The shade was breezy and cool and the sun was warm and cozy. Orien entertained our friends with his silliness. At George's Tent we saw everyone! It was a blast. After several hours of loud music, being passed around from person to person, and some sun...Orien was BEAT. It was time for a nap at the hotel. The baby rules, so we did what he wanted to do.

Later we went to the zoo...which was a spontaneous thing...but the weather was just amazing and we had been in the hotel for several hours. It was time to get out again. Orien napped a bit and then woke up re-energiiiiized ready for his 1st zoo visit. After that, we met up with Jill, Beth and Ashton @ Olive Garden for some goooood Italian food and good company :) This was probably the best part of the weekend. Hanging out with good friends & family. That is hands down the BEST thing in life.

Overall, it was a wonderful and eventful weekend. It's one we'll always remember! I'm sure it's the first of many BU homecomings for our family. I hope to make it an annual tradition. The older he gets, the more he'll get out of it too. Until next time!

Love, P

Checkin out those Baylor bears.

I got a new bear!

Hanging with Ashton.

Parade time!

On campus.

Eating a snack and smiling at the ladies going by.

Orien wanted all the adult beverages.

The coozy will do.

Just chillin with his peeps.

Down time in the hotel.


Blue eyes.


Sweet face.

Old man playing guitar for Orien at the coffee shop.

Heading home!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Babies & Pumpkins & a Chick-Fil-A Cow?

Last weekend was so fun! We went to the pumpkin patch, met a chick-fil-a cow, and played at Oyster Creek Park!! Enjoy the photos. We got some GREAT ONES!

Aunt Glenda and her little man!

First pumpkin patch!


Confused baby!

Now very confused.

First park trip!


Me & my baby. Love the trees in the back.

Busy Little Man

I wanted to document some milestones Orien has reached at nearly 7 months!

1. He cut his FIRST TOOTH just over 6 1/2 months!!!! And boy was he a fussy, demanding baby! It's still hurting him but not quite as much thankfully.

2. Said "Da-Da" several times but I think it was an accident :) Still fun though!

3. Standing on feet (FINALLY!). He loves standing up, with lots of assistance of course.

4. Rolling over from back to tummy & tummy to back! He's taking things at his own pace, ha.

5. Shaking his head "no". Apparently this is a developmental thing - he's not actually saying no. He loves doing it overrr and over b/c he knows it makes everyone laugh.

Here's a photo of him from a few days ago eating some crackers! He's such a big boy. Time flies.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Photoshoot - By ME!

Yesterday we FINALLY had cooler weather. THANK YOU Lord! Orien and I played outside in the backyard. Here's some photos...Enjoy! He's got to be the sweetest little baby boy ever :)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home on the Range

Hey everyone!

I wanted to update yall a little bit. In the past few weeks we've decided to begin searching for a new home in a nearby acreage neighborhood called Bridlewood! We want MORE space, land, bedrooms & a gameroom. We're not in a rush at all, and are waiting for the perfect home to come along. Ideally, we'll live in this next house to raise our family and hopefully not move for a good while. Life always has a way of changing your original plans though, so we'll see :) We're excited about the possibility of finding a new home that will fit our family better.

For now, we're loving this house and slowly doing the house-search thing! Wish us luck!

The Boettcher's

Monday, October 12, 2009

Photos from Kemah...

I messed up the post's the photos...make sure to read the post with text about our Kemah trip (below)!

FREE b-fast!

Living room...overlooking the water.


Beautiful house!

Went shopping in the big Christmas store!

Scared on the observation tower.