Friday, January 27, 2012

If You Asked

If you asked...I'd tell you I have saved two dogs this week from wandering on the streets.

If you asked...I'd tell you I absolutely love Boyce Avenue's covers on YouTube.

If you asked...I'd tell you I cried while holding onto my dog last night.

If you asked...I'd tell you my mom is an angel from God!

If you asked...I'd tell you there is a 80% chance my son will be a musician.

If you asked...I'd tell you I'm eating Vitamin C like candy today.

If you asked...I'd tell you it's taken me until very recently to truly believe I am STRONG.

If you asked...I'd tell you I don't hear God's answers, I feel them.

If you asked...I'd tell you I'm probably going to be baptized (again!) this year!

If you asked...I'd tell you I want a big plate of fruit right now.

If you asked...I'd tell you I like writing in my calendar with different color sharpies.

If you asked...I'd tell you that I never thought I'd want to be a leader. 

If you asked...I'd tell you my son drinks OJ like it's going outta style!

If you asked...I'd tell you blogging/journaling is my therapy.

If you asked...I'd tell you music heals me.

If you asked...I'd tell you I miss my alpha chi's dearly, so much that I cry sometimes.

If you asked...I'd tell you I want to go gluten free again but am too selfish to, I guess.

If you asked...I'd tell you I can't stand putting on make-up, but love wearing it.

If you asked...I'd tell you the sight of my son's eyes, little cheeks and perfect lips makes my heart skip!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Train of Thought

We're watching the news and the big storms rolling in. There's these two tiny precious dogs that are lost in our neighborhood. They've been wandering around for four days (without collars) and will NOT let me catch them! I finally called someone to come get them and take them to a shelter. I really hope they grab them before this severe weather sets in :(

Isn't this weather lovely lately? Perrrrfect for my headaches. Maxalt is my friend. Very expensive friend. O'Ryan is driving me nutso this morning. He's crying over everything. Today my parenting tool of choice is ignoring. 

God is funny. I've been praying for him to please provide for us day to day. I guess He knows about Groupon, because the very place I needed to go to get Botox is on Groupon today!!! It's HALF OFF. Thank you God! He's also provided for us in various, surprising ways lately. Amazing. 

Did I mention I'm glad I don't have to keep my house super clean? Like today I can look at my hairy, dirty floors and say 'who cares?!' No, I'll clean it. Because that's gross. 

I called four doctors this week and they were ALL strike outs. A real bummer. Anyone know of a good pain clinic? I was SO hopeful they could help me but they don't take anyone who doesn't have insurance!!! Whatttt? I'm ready to pay you full price and you turn me away? I almost started crying on the phone when the lady told me that. She probably felt pretty bad, lol. But the most important thing is that I am in good spirits. My strength comes from the Lord y'all. Certainly not from me!

O'Ryan is in his room right now having tantrum #3 today, and it's 10am. I need patience today. And peace. My migraine is coming and my lower back is dealing with my almost 3 year old is difficult. He feels my stress and anxiety...which makes him act out more. Vicious cycle! Prayers needed!

Alright, check out these pics from last week. Time to stop ignoring and turn on Cars 2 or something...

Look! We remodeled our house! :)

Me and my ice pack go everywhere together!

Did lots of organizing yesterday. Pinterest gave me the idea of using a tension rod to hold spray bottles. AMAZING!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Staying Put

We're staying put for now. I'm actually relieved. No more house hunting. No more packing. No more cleaning my house to be spotless every day!!!!!

We decided to refinance, among other things, and keep this house for a few years. So instead of moving into a bigger home with the same mortgage note as we have now, we're refinancing to save 100s/month!!! Awesome. Still don't have a backyard with grass and that's safe for O'Ryan, but we'll get there some day. Yes yes a pool is nice and pretty but trust not practical for us right now. My stomach turns when I think of how much it costs us monthly.

Dang. Now I have to UNpack all of those boxes I packed. Luckily, I didn't go crazy packing, but it will take a few weeks to get everything back in its place. Now that I know we're staying here, I'm getting on a SERIOUS organizing kick. Thanks to Pinterest and blogs...I have some great ideas. Today I was able to tackle the kitchen - the biggest area in need of organization! After a stop at Walmart to get organizing supplies, I rearranged most of the cabinets and drawers. It feels SO good to not have everything piled awkwardly on top of each other and in random places. Next areas to tackle are our closets. Yikes. Not looking forward to that.

Time for my massage soon. Gotta run. Check out some of the beautiful pics Brett took of our house for the HAR photos. 

We really have a beautiful home that we love. So blessed!!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Things Learned

Lovely ladies taking part in the parade :)

Things Learned

A real friend doesn't always say 'It will be okay.' A real friend is simply there.

Be slow to speak. Quick to listen. More often than not, that's what people truly need.

There's personal healing in helping others.

It's a privilege to be a mother. And it's a privilege to have one!

We're stronger than we think! And the only way you'll ever know that is to have no option but to be strong.

Be a safe person. Create safe atmospheres.

Joy isn't circumstantial.

You're meant for more than the eye can see.

It's a privilege to be asked to pray for someone.

Reputation is nothing. Character is everything!

Your pain is never wasted.

People - women, men, elders, two year olds and everywhere in between - taught me these things.
But I know who was working through these precious people to help me learn these life lessons. You can't learn and truly understand and implement certain things unless you realize where it really comes from - Him.

It's all Him. And it's always been. Earthly things are nothing. It's all about the our real home.

Glory be to God! The Great Teacher.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Things

1. New Dessert

I made this new dessert I found on the absolute best site ever, Pinterest, and it was a big success.

Pound Cake
White Chocolate to melt

Slice strawbs and cut cake into squares. Put on skewers. Melt chocolate according to package. Refrigerate for 30 min then serve!

2. O'Ryan's .01K Fun Run!!!! 

Doesn't that crack you up - .01K! O'Ryan won (although some random older kid jumped in half way and ran past him). GOOOOO MY BOY!!! So proud. More proud that he was confident, secure, determined and not shy. There was a good crowd watching and he seemed to know just what to do. All of the other kids just stood there, lol. This age is too funny.

My man!

What a good dad, staying for the race! O'Ryan talked about how Maqui, Mommy and Daddy were there to watch him. They notice those things! :) See his medal he's wearing?? 

3. Waiting for Dad

Lately, he does this...waits for Dad to get home by the front door. I sit on the computer (right by the door) and keep the door open. Yesterday he wanted to leave his pads and jersey on to show Daddy. He gets so so excited about Daddy coming home from work then always clams up when he arrives! It doesn't take but 30 seconds for him to start acting goofy again.

I can still remember waiting in the driveway for David to get home. That always stuck with David. And you know what happens when things get stuck with David!! He reminds you of that over, and over, and over. When I was older and always busy, he would always joke and ask, "Hey, why don't you ever wait for me in the driveway anymore? I liked that!" :) 

Now he jokes about that because their four dogs (yes, FOUR) greet him first. 

So those little things really do matter...showing up for a 20 second .01K race...waiting an hour out front for Daddy to get home. I've said it before and I'll say it again! We know those little things are really the BIG things!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Perfect Pair

Back in the days of my three-month bed rest, the hours were soooo long and the house felt depressing. Now when I have those "blah" or "in a funk" days things are a bit different. I have a side kick these days. An entertaining, bouncy, chatty, (and sometimes exhausting) little boy named O'Ryan. 

Like Daddy always says, we're a perfect pair!

Last week was long. And had rough patches. I am blessed to have my hilarious little man to get me through those difficult days.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Which will you chose?

Social media can be used for good or for evil. I believe it can tear down, break apart and crush. Or it can uplift, inspire, encourage. Which will you chose? 

Social media is powerful. Words are powerful. You never know how your words will affect someone. Maybe you make them laugh. Or maybe you make them think. Maybe your words make them think... this is where the healing begins. This is where the healing starts. 

Spread Him, not sin. 

Which will you chose?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Fun to be Two

Squealing and yelling
You run wild with friends

Causing chaos and craziness
Until the day's end

Every day is an adventure
New things to discover

Like making small hand prints
When they're wet with water

Your energy is endless
You seem to rarely wear out!

But you still share sweet cuddles
With mom and dad on the couch

In a blink of an eye
You'll be all grown, going off to school

So for now, precious baby
Just have FUN being TWO!


O'Ryan and his sweet friend Katie :)