Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Jackson Hole Post

Finally, I'm making time to do this post. Although I'm sure by the time I post it I will have stopped, saved and started it again 10 times.

I need to get the trip details down though before I forget it all!!

Ok, last week we flew to JH, WY and met Brett's Aunt Judy, Uncle Rich and their three kids (Brian, Trev and Ash) there. They came ALL the way from Boston! The flights (2) there were actually not bad with Orien. We bumped ourselves up to first class for the 2+ hour flight, which helped a LOT. Mommy of course had a secret stash of new (cheap) toys and new (sugary) treats. They kept O entertained quite a bit. His favorite part about first class though was having his very own TV that streamed SpongeBob. Bingo!

Our first day there (just us three), we cruised around Teton Village and let Orien get out his energy. Teton Village is where our house is and they have REALLY made it nice since my last visit. They groomed it a bit more, added a large, log playset, put in a splash area, added seating, music and more! It was nice to stroll around the Village daily and enjoy the cool breeze and warm sun. Since it's an outdoorsy town, there were big dogs everywhere. Orien and I enjoyed that the most :) Every time he would see a dog he would say "uh uh uh" ... every time I would see a dog I would say "eeeeee". We love dogs.

The first day we were all together (Sunday), we headed into the Village and the town of Jackson (10 min away) to show them around. We all did a bit of shopping and then made an ice cream stop. We got some GREAT photos while eating ice cream.

Monday was probably everyone's favorite day - at least it was mine! We rode the Tram up to the highest point at the ski resort. The views were stunning!!!! Check out the photos we got. It was a bit cooler up there than I thought, but Orien didn't seem to mind. He was strapped on my back, all warm and cozy :) We then ate some mouth-watering, dripping-with-melted-butter-and-brown-sugar waffles. YUMMMMMM. We were all in heaven. That afternoon we headed north into Grand Teton Nat'l Park to Jenny Lake. This lake is one of my favorite spots of the area. It's a crystal clear lake tucked just under the highest peaks of the Teton Range. It's gorgeous! Again, we got some awesome photos. After hopping a boat across the lake, we hiked several miles to Hidden Falls and (almost to) Inspiration Point. This day was awesome. The weather was nice and cool too. Orien loved the back pack carrier so much he fell asleep in it!

Tuesday, my boys and I rode bikes. Orien hung out in his bike seat and didn't make a peep! It didn't last for long because the cold air was hurting my inner ear...not sure why? I can't remember now what we did the rest of the day...

Wednesday the Schonewald's went to Yellowstone, while we headed north again in the the Nat'l Park. Since Orien passed out in the car, we took a detour up Signal Mountain. It was an excellent wildlife viewing area. We saw a moose and several mule deer. I couldn't believe how close the deer let Brett get with the camera. Then we stopped for lunch at Jackson Lake Lodge and WOW was it gorgeous. The lodge was beautiful. It's difficult to describe its beauty through words, but it was like a over-sized log cabin with breath-taking views of the Tetons. Orien LOVED it because there were stuffed Grizzlies, wild cats and big birds throughout the lodge. We ate and played on the lodge's back patio area, all while taking in the pictueresque views! This was on of my favorite spots we visited. Finally, we drove a few more miles north to Colter Bay. The bay is also on Jackson Lake and has a marina. The marina didn't have much we could do with Orien, but we really enjoyed hanging out on its coast throwing rocks in the water. Again, the water was gorgeous and extremely clear. We met a nice family with two dogs (bonus!) that were fetching sticks in the water. It was a FULL, fun day.

Thursday and Friday we hung out with the Schonewald's again and spent a lot of time in the Village and even explored a local park in Jackson. We got some awesome pictures from that park visit. They had to head out Friday at lunchtime to make the long drive to Denver, CO.

Friday night us three tried out a BBQ place down the street and found ourselves drooling over the food. It. Was. Amazing. A perfect way to wrap up the trip.

Overall, this trip is definitely one for the books. We hiked. We ate. We lounged. We played hard. We laughed. We talked. We stayed up late. We (tried to) sleep in. We biked. We splashed. We ate some more. And we VERY much enjoyed our family's company. It was a rare opportunity we had to take a week-long vacation with Brett's family and it was a BIG success. We are so glad the Schonewald's could join us and experience the beauty of Wyoming. It is a truly unique place.

Now we're all home and getting into the grooove of school and fall. I was ready to be home after 8 days away. Vacations are wonderful, but nothing beats home.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 2

Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

I have become a lot more giving in the past few years. Through certain experiences, I've had my eyes opened to people and places beyond my small world. There is SO much I can give...time, energy, love, prayers, items, money & more. I don't get as wrapped up in my own happy bubble of a life. I constantly remember those who are less fortunate and do whatever I can to give, give, give.

It's exhilarating! Try it!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mini Preview

We're back!!!

But don't get too excited just yet. This post is just a very mini preview of the nearly 700 photos we took. I won't bore you with all of them, don't worry. Enjoy these and I'll post a detailed post as soon as I get a free two hour block...ha! Yeah right.

30 (now 20) Day Challenge

On another Momma's blog I saw this challenge: 30 Questions in 30 Days. I thought it might be interesting for my blog followers (all 4 of you! ha) to hear my answers. Honestly, I am also interested in hearing my answers. Note: I cut it down to 20 questions, as some of the questions were a little too personal to splash across the Internet!

Maybe getting some personal truths down on virtual paper will spur a few positive changes in my life...maybe.
Here we go. Day 1.

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

Yikes! Way to start out positive. Lets see..."hate" is a strong word. I'd have to say at the moment I am struggling with my lovely personality trait of being extremely and embarrassingly IMPATIENT. I strongly dislike this trait, especially since it directly affects those closest to me. Don't worry though y'all - I'm working on it! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bumbos & Babysitting

Woah! It's 4:54am and I'm up blogging. I'd much rather be sleeping, but Orien kept having bad dreams all night which woke us both up several times. So here I am! alarm (yes, I set an alarm!) was set for 5:15am anyway since we're off to WY today.


Back to bumbos and babysitting. Orien has found yet another "baby item" he now is in love with. He was never a big bumbo baby lover. As most of you may know Orien rarely sat still. Whether it was in the rocking chair, bumbo, or bouncer, Orien just had to be on the mooove. Not anymore! He found the bumbo in the garage - which come to think of it, I have no idea how he even got into the garage...

But there ya have it! Check out the pics of him hanging out in it. Daddy was being goofy behind the camera, producing some cute, teethy smiles from O. These are the first photos in which he looks semi tan. Must have been just that day or the lighting though because in photos from the next day he was back to being pasty :)

This past week I had the pleasure of babysitting my second cousin, Allison. She is a sweet, cuddler. It was different having a little girl around. Orien enjoyed it at times. And he got jealous at times. He liked to kiss her and pet her and occassionally test out "hitting" her. Hitting means softly patting no worries Allison's Mommy :)

Having two is a entirely different ball game, although it went fairly smooth. It gave me a glimpse of the future for sure! Ok...gotta go wake up Brett who is I'm sure sleeping hard and sound as most guys do. Pray we have safe travels and don't get too many dirty looks on the plane.

Love ,

Yikes, don't mess with him.

Peek a boo with the curtains.



LOVE IT! Kissing.