Saturday, April 30, 2011


 Friday was a bit frustrating for me. Orien has been showing another side of himself lately. The grumpy, I'm-not-going-to-behave side. We attended our friend's 2nd birthday party that morning. I had a lot of fun visiting with all of the mom's from my mom's group. The ladies are SO sweet! I love that I joined not knowing a soul and have really clicked with a lot of the women. A few years ago I would have never done that. 

But Orien was just in a funk. He wasn't smiling or laughing. He just wanted every toy every other kid had. And he would push them or hit them when he was mad about not having it. I hate hate that because I know how great of a kid he is!!!! He's always SO happy and laid-back! So to see him like that frustrates me and is disappointing. But I know it's all part of raising kids. 

Anyway, the first two pics are right after he got his hair cut on Thursday. We walked to the big fountain next door and threw "minnies." :) The first photo is AWESOME, right?!!

Playgroup photos...

There were about 20+ toddlers there. Crazy! But they all had a blast.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Tail Story

O: "Mommy, was that?"

P: "That's Teton's tail."

O: "Mommy, I want a tail!! (whines) Moooommy, I want a taaaail."

O: "Was that?"

P: "Leah's tail. She has a baby tail."


P: "Orien people don't have tails. You don't have one."

O: (more whining and pouting)...

O: "Ohh Mommmmy. Look. I have a BABY TAIL!!"

(points to, ahem, his man parts)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

iPhone pics

After dinner last week we headed to Town Square to hear some live music. 

Orien and I matched :)

And he made some friends pretty fast.

O and Daddy danced.

And danced.

And then he got a ride from his new buddies!

Mommy did this :) Couldn't resist.

He always lays down on these chairs.

We can't get enough of our backyard lately. We've had a lot of sunny, breezy days.

Hey, Momma!

Like father, like son!

Me and my boy.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This Easter was the first one where Orien could really get into all the traditions of the holiday. We dyed eggs, did 3 egg hunts and he was surprised with a basket full of goodies on Sunday morning. Saturday afternoon we attended an AMAZING service at RPC. Judy and Brian were in town all weekend, which made this Easter even more special and fun. I absolutely LOVED watching Orien with them. He may not quite know how he is related to them, but he definitely knows is he GREATLY loved by his Aunt Judy and cousin. 

Check out these photos I snapped yesterday evening when they came over for some pool time and dinner! They are just so priceless.

Before Orien went to bed, Judy and Brian snuggled with Orien for a bit. It was so sweet and made me kind of sad we don't live closer to them. We hope to go visit them in MA next summer? Maybe? 

To view more photos of Orien's Easter, click here.

We had a BLAST this past weekend with friends, family and our church. We focused on the true meaning of Easter - the anniversary of our RISEN SAVIOR! 

He lives, then and now and forever!