Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Tribute to my Brother (and lake pics)

The weekend started with family, more family and even more family! 

We had lots of visitors in town to celebrate Eric's HS graduation. Wow, my brother is onto college (OU) this fall...

Wasn't it just yesterday that we were all little and playing on our old, rusty play set in the backyard at the Bear Creek house?

Wasn't it not long ago that we were playing on the banks of the beautiful Arkansas lakes and exploring the waters on a pontoon boat?

Wasn't it just the other day that we were all jumping on the trampoline together being silly and care-free?

I swear it was in a blink of an eye we went from kids to young adults ready to take on the world!



Do you know how long I waited for you? 
Do you know just how much I wanted a younger sibling?
Do you know that I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tad jealous when you were born? (ha!)
Do you know how funny and entertaining (and big!) you were as a baby and toddler?
Do you know how I used to love when you and Michel would follow me around when y'all were toddlers?
Do you know blessed we were to have a kid-at-heart mom who would go to Academy to buy a boat and paddle so we could all rescue the abandoned ducklings at that lake? Then she let us keep them in a baby pool?
Do you know how you and Michel used to be two peas in a pod?
Do you know many very long, endless road trips we made to Slidell, LA to visit family?
Do you know how secretly I didn't mind watching Winnie the Pooh and The Lion King with y'all in the truck over and over and over...?
Do you know how much I always watched you play sports? And how much I secretly loved you always stood out in every one of them!
Do you know how early on we all knew how special, smart and determined you were?
Do you know that you gave me a tattoo that one time you threw a pencil at me? (it's a dot on my finger!)
Do you know how much I terribly missed you while I was away at college?
Do you know how I felt so sad and disconnected to you and Michel during those years?
Do you know that it's the absolute #1 reason I moved back to Sugar Land - to be there for you and Michel and watch you two grow, learn and thrive?
Do you know how many times I've cried in the past year just thinking about you moving away? (seriously - ask Brett!)
Do you know how SO SO proud I am of you? For being the Christian man you are today? For being a SMART student? For putting God and family first? For being a DEDICATED athlete? For aiming so incredibly high and never ever looking back? For standing up for what you believe is right even when the majority doubts you? 

THAT is why I look up to you little brother. You are an inspiration to me and countless others. I pray your new journey in life is a bright one...and a Godly, enriching time in your life. Soak it all in. Every minute. 

And always Thank God every day for your blessings.

Love you always, 
your big sis,

Mirror Brett made for Eric's graduation gift.

You could say Eric was supported at graduation! And this isn't even all of us.

Orien made the graduation ceremony quite eventful :)

My heart was bursting with JOY and PRIDE for him this weekend.

Aunt Wanda and O getting some cuddle time in.

Aunt Brenda on her "sports car" :)

Then we headed to Lake McQueeney - our first trip of Summer '11!!!

Man, I love this little guy!!! Drinking queso straight from the bowl. Yummmm.

My sweetie pie.

The men at Gruene's General Store.


We can all agree it's the best shot of the weekend.

This shot reminds me how blessed I am. My two men just hanging on the curb people-watching in Gruene on a breezy, summer night eating Pez. Life is good.

Cheetos for breakfast. (Daddy was in charge!)

Sweet kiddos playing.

Lots of popsicles were eaten this weekend.

These boys couldn't be more opposite. It cracks me up.

Beautiful boy!

Whose husbands are these anyway?

Thankfully the two 2 year olds slept for three hours letting us big kids play and swim on the Guadalupe!

Pretty nice lookin' fam!

This one's not bad either.

Our colors coordinate well :)

The kids.

And...the going-home-exhausted-and-sleeping shot of Orien. 

What a wonderful weekend at the lake with amazing friends. God is good!

-The Boettchers

Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Friday

I discovered my house (and pool) could successfully entertain about 20 Moms and 20 toddlers. 

It was a crazy, loud, non-stop action-packed play date! And it was so much fun. Enjoy some pics.

Teton was worn out afterward :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Straight from the 2 year old's mouth (and his boo-boo story)

I wanted to write down some of the things Orien has been saying lately. 

"Mommy, that's weird"

"That's nasty"

"I have a oh-boh on my elbow!"


"Mommy, get out" 
(when I tried to snuggle with him in his bed at night time)

"Ooooh Mommy, look!!!! A bug!!! Ew. Ew. I don't wike it."

"I want the biiig one (in very deep voice)"

"Puppies, bad! Go outside!"

"Mommy go poo poo!!!" 
(every time we're in a public stall)

"I fart!!"

"Mommy, I want to faaaart!" 
(whiney voice)

"I want zoo, I want see amnals." (at the zoo) "Mommy, I don't wike that, I scared."

"I 'fraid, I 'fraid."

"Maqui sillllly!"
"HEY Mommy! HEY Weah! HEY Teton!"

"Mommy, I want Our God. I want Our God." (his fav song)

"Mommy on bus say 'shh shh shh baby'"

"Ni hao Walle!" 
(English: Hello Walle!)

"Winkle, winkle, wittle stah..."
(I need to get him singing the whole song on video)


A boo-boo won't slow us down!

Yesterday Orien hit a BIG milestone - first ER visit! I'm actually surprised it took until he was nearly 26 months to happen. He hit a coffee table and ended up with a pretty good gash above his eye. Luckily, the doctor was able to avoid stitches and just use glue (or whatever the medical term is for 'glue'). 

And let me tell y'all...Orien did GREAT! He's known to be a bit wimpy at times but he stayed strong while they cleaned it out and put the glue on. He did cry and squirm when the doctor rubbed it all in his gash (who wouldn't?), but that part lasted only 30 seconds. 

The glue should peel off on its own in 4-5 days. Then we'll apply Neosporin. And when it's completely healed we will lather on the Vitamin E, Mederma and sunscreen when we're outside! Doc said we won't even be able to see it after a while. It's true. When I was 2 1/2 I was bit by a dog straight in the face. My entire face was swollen and cut. 

This was after a few days I think. It was much better at this point.
Luckily a plastic surgeon was at the ER and available to sew me up! I barely have any noticeable scars today - amazing! 

Anyway, we were in and out of the ER within 30 min and Orien was GOOD TO GO! Brett was at the Bon Jovi concert all last night so Orien and I headed to the big park nearby after dinner. Man was the weather NICE. So many people were out playing, running, walking their dogs - I just love living in Greatwood. We had a blast getting our energy out. Then we swung together for about 20 min and sang all of the songs Orien knows. He can just about sing the entire ABC's now without missing a letter! Super proud momma here :)

Today we did a morning trip to the zoo with some mom friends. Again, the weather was awesome. Breezy, cool, cloudy. Just perfect. And SO rare for May in Houston. After this week that will all be long gone and we'll quickly welcome 100 degrees and 100% humidity. Hmmmm. I can feel it now.

Check out some photos from yesterday and today. Good news - the gash closed up a lot already. Yesterday it was pretty open but the glue seems to be working great. Thank you Lord for staying by our sides during the minor ordeal yesterday - You are so faithful to us!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Get ready

for loads of photos! 

Here we go:

I helped my friend Jessica with this diaper cake. Turned out pretty cute. We threw a shower for one of the girls in our playgroup. She's having a boy very very soon!

And here's the train cake :) A gluten-free one too!


Orien enjoyed vaccuming more than anything during the party. If only they made real mini vaccums right? I'd buy one in a heart beat!

My mom and David took me to lunch in town last Friday for my birthday. Weird things often happen when Maqui is around... ;)

Like Orien wearing a napkin like a bandit and drinking sweet tea for 30 minutes of out his pacifier...

Orien, Eric and Eric's very large arm muscle. Eric has been working out NON. STOP. for months now. He's preparing to try out for the OU football team this fall - that's right. He's a stud, no matter what the outcome will be. He's put his mind to something and has stuck with it 110%. AWESOME.

My purrrty doggie. He's so photogenic (I think). 

So is my super adorable son :)

Feather head.

Yes! I caught an actual smile. I had to say "Orien show me your teeth."

Sweet picture.

This is Bear - and I would like to think I'm his "second momma" but I know that's not true. I think he probably has about 25 "second moms". But we're best buddies. He is my friend Shanna's dog and seriously needs to be on the cover of a magazine he's so darn handsome. Shanna's mom, Michelle, actually takes his to Children's Memorial Hospital to visit sick children. I just think that is the COOLEST thing ever. I'd love to do that some day.

And here is the lady of the hour!!!! Shanna! This is at her graduation party. We love her. She's my brother's best friend (or best girl friend, but not a real "girl friend", ya know?). She is super close with our family and we love her like she's one of our own. I look forward to see what God has in store for this lovely girl. She is mature beyond her years and has such a humble, honest, and selfless heart. It's so refreshing to meet people like her. I actually look up to her! We are totally blessed to know Shanna and her fam!

So our Home Team met at a couple's house out in the country so we could see their new baby boy. And WOW was he small and so precious. I forget how tiny newborns are!!! I can't believe Orien was ever that small, but he was born smaller than this little boy so I know he was that teeny at one time.

Little sweetie.

Their land and neighborhood (if you can call it that - just lots of open space and farm land!!) was breath-taking. I felt as if I could breathe deep breaths of clean, fresh air. It's nice to live near the country and feel the openness around you sometimes. 

He had SO much fun during our Home Team meeting. Can ya tell?

So today I had a lot of "Mom, boring" things to do, but I promised O we could feed the ducks at some point. And looooook...babies!!! I love ducklings, probably too much. They were adorable and weren't scared of us at all. Probably because we came with fruit loops in hand. I'm guessing that's not the healthiest food for ducks but they loved it so who cares, right?

And Orien LOVED it, as always.

He is an animal-lover, like ME :)

Orien has it made in life in general, but he really had it going on this afternoon. I gave him popcorn, put on "Cars", set up a little bed and handed him a tootsie roll sucker. He was SET. 

"Cars" is becoming popular around here.

He was pretty happy and entertained, but OF COURSE it didn't last long. One day he'll sit through an entire movie right? This momma needs some time to be productive :)

Okay, was that enough photos?? This week will be on and off fairly busy so I may not post for a while. Leave a comment if you read this - so I know SOMEONE is reading it! Lol. Because this post just took way too long for no one to read it, ha.