Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby Buddies

Emerson & Orien

Yesterday we visited Laura and her two kiddos to have some water fun in the backyard. Orien was mostly interested in all of the trucks and tractors, while Hayden (3 yrs) splashed on the slip and slide. When Emerson woke up, we all had lunch and played inside. The photo above was Orien scavenging for more food while Ems was eating. I think it will be funny to show them photos like this when they are teens. They're so adorable together. Some days Emerson is the "boss" and sort of ignores O while he tries to play and give her hugs. Other times O could care less about playing with her, while Ems tries to hard to get his attention. So cute.

Hope everyone has a safe, relaxing and fun Memorial Weekend.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Years Down...

And a LIFETIME left to go!

Our anniversary was perfect. So relaxing. We stayed at the Harbor House on the Galveston Harbor. It was nice to stay somewhere different. We could see the big ships (and cruise ships) come in and out of the harbor. All day Saturday we laid out at the Galvez pool. The Galvez is where we got married two years ago. It's always fun to visit it again. It's got a great location too, right on the seawall across from the beach. The pool got really crowded that day!!! They have constant weddings at the hotel, so I'm guessing that's what brought all the visitors. Around 2pm we had already had our pool and sun fix. It was time to nap and shower. Later we went to the IMAX at Moody Gardens. We saw a surfing movie filmed in Tahiti...pretty good. Then we had our anniversary dinner at an AWESOME Italian place on the Strand. The food was amazing. We walked near the harbor after dinner and watched the sun set. We were in bed by 8pm! How times have changed...

Pretty much a perfect weekend with my main man. We've had a FULL two years of marriage...filled with JOY, unexpected turns and lots and lots of laughter and love. I am beyond blessed to have a wonderful, loving man as my best friend who also happens to be my husband. Love you B! I look foward to spending the rest of our lives together.

O was brushing his teeth...

Who knew a tooth brush could entertain a 14 month old for so long?

This is all that's left of the historic Balinese Room (across from the Galvez).

Our hotel.

Ike water line

Yummy dinner.

Where we spent most of Saturday and some of Sunday morning!

Ready to head home!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beach, Here We Come

This weekend is going to be amazing.

We will have meals full of uniterrupted conversations...
We will have hours of peace and quiet...
We will stay in bed past 6:30am...
We will be out past 7:30pm...
We will be strollerless, diaperbagless, pacifierless...

We will be just a happy married couple celebrating our two year anniversary!

Orien is going to my mom's this weekend while Brett and I head to Galveston. I plan to sit, sleep, swim, eat, nap and that's about it. It will be heaven! We have so much to celebrate...our marriage, our health and our blessed life.

Some beach photos to come...


Wagon is a big hit

As mentioned in the previous post, Orien's new wagon has gone over really well. Every day since we got it, we've taken it for a stroll. Orien was so nice to help Daddy put it together. Orien wanted SO badly to help with the real tools. I gave him a lighter instead (sound safe right?) so he could "help" :)

The first two pictures are definitely the best. A Daddy and his son.

Someone got distracted by the box.

"Can we go or what?"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Silly Sweetie!

Orien is approaching 14 months fast!!!!

I wanted to share some silly and sweet things he has been doing lately...

Trying to share his paci with Leah by putting it in her mouth (icky!)

Saying "hey kitty" to every cat and basically every animal he sees

Speaking of animals...Orien is obessed!! During our walks, he points out every squirrel, cat, dog, bird, duck...

He also has realized that the front and back doors = OUTSIDE...he constantly points to go outside

His new toy is a wagon. We created a monster! :) Every time I load him in and out of the car, he whines and points at the wagon. Cute now but soon I'm sure it will get old haha.

He finally WAVES! He has a love/hate relationship with waving I think because he enjoys doing his new "trick" but he also knows it means "bye bye" :(

He now understands that Daddy leaves every morning and Orien does NOT like it! It's pretty cute though to see him get a little teary over Daddy's departure. Daddy secretly loves it I'm sure :)

Have I mentioned O is in love with all swings??? Whenever we pass parks, he points (he points A LOT) at the park and grunts lol. We have a swing in our backyard too and Orien is always whining to go outside to swing.

Orien can now successfully point out your "eye", "nose" and "mouth" when you ask him too! Such a smarty :)

I'm sure there are other things I am missing, but the dirty floors are screaming "CLEAN ME!" I must be productive while he's napping.

Love to all,


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Orien's Taking Over the House

Orien officially has taken over the house!

Check out his new playroom. We added built-ins and beat board. Love it! Sorry I didn't bother to clean the playroom for the photos beacuse it would simply be messy again several minutes later. But you get the idea. Leah HAD to get in the pictures, as always...

The desk part will be good for re-sale value.

Check out my cool Mother's Day gift. Brett can NEVER wait until the actual holiday to give his gifts!

O's new bean bag...

Ok, how cute is this? This is the first time he actually listened when mommy said "smile!!" So adorable. He's getting so big I can't believe it!!!!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Here Fishy Fishy

Photos from the Downtown Aquarium...

Orien is screaming at my feet so I can't go into detail about the trip, but it was FUN!

He doesn't look quite as excited as mommy.

Train ride...

He was VERY excited!

A Boy & His Boxer

Leah and Orien are two peas in a pod.

Poor Leah just wanted to chew on her toy. Orien had another idea...he just wanted to take it over and over from her and for whatever reason this was hilarious to him. His new thing is to roll over and lay on his back. It doesn't sound exciting but it's so funny to us. Our boy can crawl around to wherever he wants, but he just LOVES laying down and kickin' back :) It doesn't last long of course.

Orien especially loves to lay his head on things...his parents, Leah, pillows, carpet...and he thinks it's so funny. I got it on video and will upload it soon.

Enjoy the photos.


No, our room usually does not look like this. I was about to clean the sheets.

Just hangin'