Friday, February 12, 2010

Time is Flying

I want to slow down time for the next six weeks.

I can't remember wanting time to actually slow down for a very long time. When I was pregnant I wanted the days to fly by. When Orien was a newborn, I unfortunately found myself wanting him to be older so he would finally sleep! When it was summer, I wanted time to pass faster so we could have some cooler weather. Now that is Orien is nearly 11 months, I just want time to stop for a bit. I will miss a lot of the baby things about him.

I'll miss being able to bundle him in a little ball and cuddle.
I'll miss being able to feed him his bottle while rocking in the recliner and snuggling.
I'll miss his baby cheeks and sweet baby giggle.
I'll miss his whispy, blonde baby hair!
I'll miss him only wanting Mommy :)
I'll miss how he sucks on the pacifier when he naps like a little bunny.
I'll miss having him falling asleep on my chest.

I know he will continue to do some of these things in the coming weeks, but I also know with time they will come and go. But there are SO MANY new, fun things to look forward to. And I never forget how blessed we are to have a sweet, happy, healthy boy as our beautiful son!

The first three photos are of Orien playing at Stomping Grounds.

The last two are of me and him playing with our computer camera. In the last one I think we look so much alike :)

He wants to go down the slide alone!

Pure happiness!

Sweet face.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First BIG BOY Word

Just wanted to share that Orien has said his first true big boy word!!! And guess what? It was his daddy's first word too - "light"! Right now it sounds like "aye", as the "L" and "T" are kinda hard for him to say :) I'll post a video of it soon.

It's so cute! He points and says "aye?" "aye?" over and over. I have no idea why he says it in the form of a question lol. This is just another reminder of how BIG my little man is getting. I seriously fall in love with him more each day, if that is even possible. Being a mom is the most full-filling and awesome thing I have ever experienced. I know Brett feels the same. Our lives revolved completely around Orien! Can't wait to see what the next weeks, months and year brings!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dog Bowls are the Best Toys

Matchy Matchy

Check out us. We all match for church! My cute husband and mini-me are so sweet together.

Trying to do the splits or something...

Always ready for the flash.

"Are we done taking pictures?"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Saturday!


I'm so proud of myself. I've been blogging more lately!

Anyway, I'm so glad it's the weekend. I love when Brett is home and I have my two boys together. They love spending time with each other!! This morning Brett took O to get his car washed. They do that Saturday mornings a lot.

Meanwhile MOM gets some morning alone time. I need it this morning! I only slept several hours last night. I have a hard time sleeping some nights - my brain won't turn off. At 1am last night I woke up and never went back to sleep. Blah. Thank you GOD for COFFEE! I have a hair appointment at 10am, which are always nice. Since I've been highlighting my hair it takes two hours and I soak in every minute :) I love Monica my hair dresser. She is so fun, entertaining and such a strong Christian. She always makes my day!

Later today we have our weekly Home Team meeting!!! Those are the highlights of my weekends. The four families are so close and I love them like family. Currently we are doing a group study on the book "The Hole in the Gospel". It is beyond good. It challenges you to not only talk the talk as Christians, but walk the walk. You must move out of your comfort zone and give to the poor, dedicate your time to do a mission trip, and you absolutely cannot ignore the poverty in the world or act like it is not your responsibility. This book has truly opened my eyes and I recommend it to anyone.

Ok, I just realized what time it is! Gotta go get ready for the day. I hope everyone is doing well!


They're buddies.

"Hmm which paci should I use?"

"Uh oh! She saw me"

"Oh well"

Leah always has to jump in the picture!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010



"Gimme the camera!!"

Playing with his gift from Grandma and Grandpa Boettcher!

"Mom the flash it too bright"

He loves his little table!!

We've Turned a Corner

Happy Wednesday!

It feels like we've turned a big corner at the Boettcher house. Since Orien has turned 10 months he not only started crawling, but sleeping through the night. Let me just say that I forever have NO pity for anyone who says they are tired, exhausted, sleepy or has a baby that sleeps through the night early. Sorry! I cannot put into words how completely and utterly drained I have been these past months. BUT now that is in the past :)

The crawling has helped my sanity immensely as well. Pre-crawling life consisted of me holding Orien, trying to get him to not be fussy, and calling Brett to say "so when are you going to be home today"? Dont' get me wrong - he is a pretty happy baby overall, but he was extremely attached to me and didn't enjoy sitting and playing at all. So things are easier in a way now. And I don't even mind the extra mess around the house due to my sweet mobile baby :) I just enjoy having two free hands!

Here's a list of some other new things he's been doing...

1. pointing

2. throwing balls

3. hugging the dogs (and sometimes mom and dad)

4. testing us more :)

5. eating more table food

6. scaling more objects - but not quite ready for his first step

I really think Orien will be walking soon, but it's hard to say how soon. He crawls a LOT now, over walking while holding our hand. So who knows! But he is fairly sturdy while walking, but you can tell he is really hesitant to take a step on his own. Every time we let go of his hand, he immeditately sits down! Haha. He'll do it when he is ready.

The past few weeks I have been taking him to a nearby indoor playground calling Stomping Grounds. They have a baby/toddler area and it is FREE until he is one year. So we hit it up a lot while it's still free :) He loves it. I crawl around the play thing with him and he interacts with the other kids. The toddlers always love Orien. A lot of them pet his head like he's a puppy haha. Something about babies fascinates two and three year olds!

Well, I can officially say that I am READY for SPRING (and summer). I've had enough cold and rain. I'm ready for the sun! I cannot wait to use our pool this summer. Last year we didn't use it ONCE due to me being pregnant and having a little baby. But this year we will be sure to make up for lost time. And lots of sunscreen will be applied (so don't worry mom) since O and I are some of the whitest people I know! I also cannot wait to have some of my mom friends and their kids over to swim. We plan to head to the lake a lot more this summer as well. There is LOTS of look forward to!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. Much love from the Boettcher's!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mobile Uploads

Some of you who read the blog do not have Facebook so I realized you haven't seen my Mobile Uploads. Here are a few recent pictures from my phone. Love you all!


Walking around with Dad and saying HI to everyone before church.

Caught making a mess of the DVDs. Look at that face!

Just woke up from a very long nap :)

Where's the cat??

He looks SO big to me in this picture.