Monday, June 28, 2010

15 Months

It's that time again. Time for another monthly update on my fast-growing little man.
Orien has reached the 15 month mark. I think he has lost all of his babyness by now and is in full toddler mode! Below is a list of his new things he does...

Chatting on the phone, as much as a 15 month old can!

Has more interest in cartoons, but only while he eats or just woke up and is snuggling.

Says "I want some" and "I want that" over and over and over...

Eats more of a variety now and FINALLY drinks milk again!

When you ask him, "Where's Leah?" or "Where's (fill in the blank)", he flips his hand over like he's saying "I have no idea" lol. He learned that from Maqui I think.

Shows his frustration by making a growling/scream sound :)

He cut another bottom tooth - it was the worst one yet. Weird b/c it's so small...

Dances!!! This is my favorite. He does it whenever he hears music - at home, on tv, in the's awesome. He turns around in cirlces sometimes too, but very slowwwlllyy.

Imitates EVERYTHING - now more than ever. If you stick your tounge out, so does he, etc etc.

He can show you where your eye, mouth, nose and belly button is!

When you ask where his belly button is, Orien will gladly show you. LOVE IT!

This is a fun age. I'm taking in every day with him. It's exhausting yes, but rewarding as well. He's my little buddy and side-kick. In just two short months, Orien will be off to pre-school two day a week. I can't believe it. Before that though we have several fun trips coming up...including a July 4th lake trip this weekend. Despite the rain that's heading our way, it'll be an awesome weekend. I'll check in next week!

Love, The Boettcher's

He acts so serious when he does if he really does have important calls to make.

Just like his Ren Ren...sucked into the TV and blocks out the world.

Date night in town.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adult Summer Reading

Summer Reading used to be dreadful in high school. The LAST thing I wanted to do was read some classic novel about made up people doing made up things. Of course that was then...

Now I LIVE for summer reading time...or any reading time for that matter (or any time alone actually!). Since I was a teenager, I have loved books with a passion. Unfortunately, I never liked the books we had to read in school. But I used to spend lots of time at the bookstore in town just browsing and spending too much money on novels and travel books and lots, lots more. Ironically, Brett worked at the local bookstore during our HS years, but we never met. Anyway, over the years I've gone through reading spurts when time allowed. In college it was nearly impossible to find free time to read. When I did have free time, I usually slept. Or napped.

But now my lifestyle allows for me to indulge in a steady flow of book after book after book. Nightime is book time for me. Brett and I spend our time together in the evenings too, but once 9pm (or 8pm if the book is REALLY good) rolls around...I jump in to my latest read. I like humorous, light-hearted stories - fact or fiction. I enjoy travel stories, dog books, mysteries, thrillers, and inspiring novels. But I'd have to say my favorite type of book is the ones that make you think and think hard. My favorites are the ones that stay with you throughout the day; the ones that disturb you and bother you. Yes, it sounds dark and dreary! But my point is that novels are supposed to some how stir up your thoughts and get you to not only read, but almost experience different point of views.

Currently, the book I'm reading does just that. "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett is completely amazing. Check out the Amazon reviews and summary here:

I can't stop thinking about this story even hours after reading it. I highly recommend this one. I encourage anyone and everyone to read! If you don't know where to start, go to and check out the NY Times list and other top favorites. You can't go wrong there. Reading keeps your brain sharp and expands your horizons in many ways. It allows me to see various perspectives and experiences that I would have otherwise never seen.
It's hot and it's go grab a book (if you're in the South, grab a cold drink too) and GO READ!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Playdate with MOMS Ladies

Today Orien and I had over some of the ladies who were in my church MOMS group this past year. We all really got to know each other well throughout our MOMS meetings and decided we were all cool enough to continue hanging out together :)

I was too distracted to think about taking pictures, but luckily Lauren whipped out her camera when the three littlest ones were playing! Some of our best summer memories are days like this - lazy afternoons spent with good friends. It was nice for the kiddos to play with each other, but we all know who playdates are REALLY MOMS :)

Ethan looks ADORABLE!!!!! His eyes are beautiful. (9 mon)

This was pretty good, considering all of the boys are under 15 months.

Orien's over it I think...

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Lily looks so CUTE!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Past 6 Weeks - Mobile Uploads

Here are some pictures from my phone from the past two months or so. What did we do before camera phones???

First official haircut.

Didn't move an inch the whole time.

Ice cream in the hospital!

Poor Dad was sick sick sick.

Visiting Daddy at the hospital. I think it brightened his day.


Helping Mom out, as always.

His new love - the boat.

I LOVE this!!

Goes for the piano every time.

Found a boat at Bass Pro.


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Here's what we've been up to lately:

Friends' Houses
Children's Museum
Morning Walks
Laundry (just Mom)
Date Night
Lots of mall-ing
Mac n' Cheese
Cooking (Mom again)
Juicy Juice
Country music
Road Trips
Swim Lessons
Cold drinks
And more laundry...

(and it's hot.)

Enjoy the photos...

Dad & O swinging @ Emerson's 1st B-day

Our walker!

Cranky baby with no nap.


Sweetie pie.

Mom & daughter.

Orien after his bonk on the head.

Big dirty boxer on the couch.

She's thinking "If I close my eyes you'll disappear".

Date night.

My stud!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Walking Talking Toddler

I need to post a video of our sweet Orien walking. He still has the frankenstein thing going on and I know it won't last forever! It's too funny.

Every day he is better at walking. I got him some new shoes today and he now wears a SIZE 5! Woah! Last time I checked he was a 3 - and that wasn't long ago. Orien is still a tall, thin little guy :) I don't think he could get chubby if he wanted to. I kinda wish he weighed more because I'm always thinking 'Is he eating enough?' He just never has a huge appetite.

Lately, he's been showing off his expanding vocabulary too. He says a handful of words regularly, but also spits out "outside", "bye bye", "hello" and "that" at times. It always throws me off...I still can't believe he's old enough to talk. I still feel like having him is so new. I guess I may feel that way for a while.

Ok, gotta go make dinner!!! Just wanted to do a quick update on my little O!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Preview

Here's a preview of our August Jackson Hole trip. In a little over two months we'll be in God's country...filled with wildlife, pristine lakes, jagged mountains and fresh, clean air. I cannot wait. Being in nature is something almost spiritual to me. It is humbling and cleansing. Since my family has been visiting the Jackson area since 04 or 05 (can't remember), it's become more and more a part of me. The people, culture, animals,'s all so unique and raw. If you can't tell by this post, I am VERY ready to head there for a full week this August!

Looks like a postcard. That's Brett living his fishing in Yellowstone. I think it's the #1 voted spot for fly fishing in America. See the bison in the background? After a while some of the bison came up next to Brett in the water.

The ski runs in Teton Village - summertime.

Another postcard.

Morning sun shining through the pines in the back of our house.

My personal favorite spot - Jenny Lake. A crystal clear lake high in the Tetons. I plan to head here again this fall. They have boats that take you across the lake to a trail that leads to a hidden waterfall. Sounds good to me!

How could I not post this? Orien found a bear friend. (3 Months Old)

A normal site in the Jackson area.

If you can't tell from his really big grin, Brett was truly in HEAVEN.

Yellowstone : it's like another planet it's so gorgeous.

Lake Jackson & The Tetons