Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Recent News...

In Recent News... Health Update, Angry Chickens, Giddy Up, and Inspiration from Beth!

This Week's Health Highlights

I'm a week into treatment! Unfortunately, things continue to grow worse. I'm looking forward to my doctor appointment in two weeks. It's possible to experience more pain before things turn around, so I was told. We will see. It's hard to really trust what any doctors/nurses say after everything I've been through. My faith is completely in my Healer.

My mom is amazing y'all. Every day she helps and checks in with me. She goes so above and beyond her call as a mother and friend. I'm so grateful for her help and the relationship we have. This is her and O'Ryan drinking coffee on Monday. My boy can down some cafe ole, like seriously. I don't encourage or recommend this, but some days ya gotta just give in, ya know?

He loves this box. Tonight he was laying in it singing "If I Die Young" on his microphone.

Angry Chickens Terrorize Innocent Visitors

The question is why? Why does RPC have chickens? And why are they always out wandering freely? Why are they so aggressive, enough so that I may have yelled some profanities on church property in front of my two year old? 

The time between when the first and second picture was taken was about 2.5 seconds. These guys can mooove. Have you seen them sprint? It's hilarious. 

We were there to feed the ducks. I've been stuck in my house all week and was dying to get out. We grabbed some old bread and drove to our church down the street. At River Pointe there's a nice lake out back. Brett and O'Ryan (unsuccessfully) went fishing there recently. The property is so peaceful, with large trees, nearby cows munching on grass...oh, and the vicious creatures you see below. 

Giddy Up! The Rodeo's In Town!

Last night was Rodeo Trip #3 for this year. Brett and I have been anticipating this night for several months! We went with The Browns to the rodeo, where The Band Perry was performing! They brought in the crowds - 74,000 people filled Reliant last night!! The best songs of the night were "If I Die Young", "You Lie", and "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)." I just love the lead singer. She's too cute!!! And can bring down the house with that voice.

Of course spending time with the Brown family was the icing on the cake for me! Got some precious snuggle time with their two year old, as she passed out in my lap :) (Rachel - Can I just tell you how GOOD your kids behaved? Y'all had been there ALL day and they were so well-mannered. Teeeeach meee.)

He was off to his grandparents house - for the night :)

If you're looking for the perfect baby...

Look no more!!! Little J is sooo sweet.

Abby & J

Christ IS Life. Inspiration from Beth Moore (again).

Every time I dive into this study I am completely blown away. As I read James and Beth's commentary on this book, I find myself highlighting, circling, underlining everything! I can't get enough. It all applies to my life SO much right now. But isn't that how it always is with the Word? Amazing

Anyway. I was wrapping up Day 4 of this week's homework and came across this:

"If we're willing, God is our SONG when we are happy, our ESCAPE when we are tempted, our HOPE when we're despairing, our JOY in tribulation, our STRENGTH in weakness, and our IMMORTALITY in dying. Ultimately, He Himself is our Health."

Um. Are you serious?? I read that and humbly drop to my knees, so thankful for my Father. The most difficult part of my life right now is that I feel alone. It's impossible to describe to someone what I feel (physically & emotionally) day to day. Then I read this and remember I'm never alone. He knows what I feel. And think. And pray. And hope for. He knows more and I even know! 

For "The Lord be exalted. He takes pleasure in His servant's well-being" (Ps 35:27). Amen.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All over the place post, including 2 BIG annoucements!

This post is so all over the place. Kind of like our lives right now :) 
 But keep reading and you may learn about some BIG things going on in our fam right now!!!!

I love our sweet family. We're so content, just us three. Here we are at church, during Rodeo weekend.

O has some legit boots.

This amazes me. I'm still having bad headaches/migraines daily and often have to lay in bed all day. But God has healed me EVERY time right on time when we have church. He knows I need it.


Warm weather is upon us! It's been nice and breezy all week. 

He's dying to jump into the pool. I'm excited for this summer because I know he'll get more into swimming.

Okay, does this photo make you a bit jealous??

What about this one?

Ah, and this...

My parents are relaxing in Jackson Hole all week. They deserve it.

But this is the photo that makes me just TOTALLY envious of them!!!! At the "Top of the World" cafe, they serve the most mouth-watering waffles in the universe. They drizzle this brown sugar-butter mixture over them and it's an explosion of yumminess in your mouth.


Announcement #1
(and it's an ENORMOUS one!!)

Can you guess?

What it may be?

It's official...

My brother made the OU football team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I asked his permission to post this because things can be SO flaky and up and down with this whole process, but this is FO REAL. Finally. For well over a year he has been working toward this goal, which honestly, was a very lofty one. But my brother, 19 years old, is the most focused, driven individual you'll ever meet. He has tunnel vision. Don't we all wish we had more of that at times?

I don't have time to go deep into the entire journey, but it's been one that has impacted our entire family and others around us. What a true testament to the mindset of never giving up! The odds were so stacked against Eric. But here he is...playing safety for OU. 

Now he knows he's starting from the bottom, but he has an outstanding opportunity to work his way up. Can you just imagine how this opportunity will affect him? It'll build character, strength, faith, confidence, teamwork, dedication...WOW! Is all I can say.

Right after we found out O'Ryan had to run to put this on. He was proud of his Ren Ren too.

Awkward pic #1. My mom and David wanted to see my new mouth appliance. This is what I sent them. You can see my new heat/ice pack there too.

Ta-da! Hopefully this is what can work some magic.

Spontaneous date night. Brett and I really needed to discuss some things ALONE, without interruption. So my amazing sitter/friend Mandy came to the rescue. O'Ryan LOVES LOVES her boys. She took them to a nearby park, while her oldest had soccer practice. 

Awkward pic #2. Maybe I shouldn't have posted this. Why can't we ever do those cute mushy "kissing" pics like other couples do? Lol.

 I died when Mandy sent me this. They were watching a movie together and the flash was kinda bright I guess. O'Ryan looks like he's miserable, LOL! But he seriously had a blast.

Jack and O playing.

I'm so random. I get it from my mom. 

The second I saw the cows near the gas station off 99 I quickly pulled off to check them out. We got out and it was a bit awkward. The cows were confused and just stared at us, which is really funny to me. I just love all animals. I was talking baby talk to the cows and O'Ryan finally said, "Okay... I'm going back in the car." I was like noooo but they're RIGHT here!! Maybe I'm more of a weirdo than random. I'm cool with that.

Cows, thanks for making my day.


(Almost forgot about Announcement #2!!)

Announcement #2

Brett got a PROMOTION! Way to go BABE!!!! 
I could go on and on about how he deserves this and he perfectly this new position fits him. It's an answer to prayer. I don't even remember his new title, but that doesn't really matter. (Field Supervisor, Director, GM-something?) In this position, he's able to utilize his God-given, natural talents more. I'm so proud of him. A couple weeks ago when it became official, I threw a mini-surprise party for him. I got him good :) He was definitely surprised. Love you B. You're the hardest worker and best leader I know!!!! You inspire me.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Say What??

In the mood for a light, fun post? Read on to see what's been heard around our casa lately.
(Let me add...almost every one of these phrases came completely out of the blue. Hilarious

"I got a frog on my nipple." 

"I'm ready for my run roooom!" (fun run) 

"Member one time you put me in a cage because I was bad?" 

"My heart is breaking Mommy. Is yours?" 

"Is it Christmas still? Just a wittle bit?" 

"Are we safe in our car?" 

"Give me some space." 
*no idea where he got that from

"Pease get away from my ear." 

"Where's your diarrhea?"

"I-I'm not scared of that scary tree. It has shadows and tigers in it but I not scared."

"Leah wants to bite my bear's nipples!!"

"O'Ryan what would you do if Jesus was here with you now?" - me
"(brief pause) Fart on him! Ha!!!" - O
"Oh, good Lord O'Ryan. Just go to bed." - me

Saturday, March 3, 2012


So I'm doing Beth's James study this Spring. Have you ever done one of her studies? Um, no words. Simply life-changing! It's deep... but isn't deep completely necessary to soak up all of what the holy Word has to offer us??

The bottom line of the book James is this: LIVE. IT. Live it! 

I am passionate about that message. Without good works what good are we doing to glorify Him? I believe we are each called to "Live It" in some way. God created us with a plan. A BIG one. One that is incredibly important and beautiful. He begs us, his children, to ask and ask Him to guide us so we can fulfill that plan. "Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive; and your JOY will be COMPLETE." John 16:24

Let me tell you something. I fell into depression due to one sad reason. I didn't depend on Him. I didn't ask. That one detail I left out was my downfall - one that rapidly brought me down. I'm okay now and have learned my lesson in a big way. Thank the Lord Jesus.

It's ONLY because of God and His word that I am where I am today. The old me would be filled with self-pity, bitterness, anger, negativity and eventually led to isolation (see previous paragraph) because of my current battle. God didn't intend for his precious children to be alone and isolated. Just as we parents jump up and down when our children ask us for advice or guidance...God does too!!!! And like a thousand times more! He's saying, 'Come on! I'm here! Please talk to me! I can show you a life that's better than you could ever imagine!'

If you're feeling hopeless, or meaningless, or lost, remember...

Ask and you WILL receive! And then He will make your life full of JOY and totally complete :)

I didn't think I would confuse so many people when posting a photo of our broom standing up on its own. 

Look at the picture of our sweet cousin?! How funny.

Pain isn't stopping me from going to the dog park. Heat pad + ice pack + two dogs!

He got stuck!!!! 

Last night we went to dinner and town square with some family. Thanks Aunt G for the cake pop!

Sometimes O'Ryan and I go frog-hunting in our yard just before bed time. I know, I'm such a cool mom. Well, we didn't even need to go "hunting" to find this guy. He was in the driveway when we got home last night chomping on some nasty June bugs (Ugg, can't stand those bugs. They fly all crazy with their little gross legs.) Who needs National Geographic when you have a fat-bug-scarfing-frog in your own front yard?!

Brett has been talking about taking O fishing at the church pond for a while. They went this morning with some friends of ours. How CUTE is this??

Cheers. Daddies were in charge, can ya tell? Root beer for breakfast.

Brett said he actually kissed it. 

This pic is SO O'Ryan. He was probably saying something like, "Hey fishies, come bite my worm thing!"