Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Post

I didn't get great photos of Halloween, but oh well. We were so busy I didn't worry about photos too much. Check out our tiny fisherman!

He wasn't too sure about his vest and pole at first.

Definitely not in the mood for pictures!

It was VERY warm this Halloween, which isn't uncommon for Houston. Notice Orien's little camo boots?

Saturday, we visited Sugar Land's Town Square for a family-friendly Halloween event.

We met up with some family and ate at a new Cajun restaurant called Rouxpour.

Town Square grew crowded quickly!


Orien always seems to find the popcorn.

Hanging with Ren Ren.

After Maqui showed him how to Trick or Treat, Orien was pretty excited.

All of Orien's groupies!

Family shot.

I was really happy with how his costume came out. He was the ONLY fisherman I saw at Town Square! Halloween night we weren't planning on going out again since O had his fill of candy and excitement Saturday night. BUT...after eating dinner at Maqui's and playing some basketball, Eric and Michel (my bro and sis) convinced us to have Round 2 of trick or treating. We pulled out my mom's old wagon and let Orien hit up some of the nearby houses for candy. He remembered what to them a cute face, hold out the pumpkin basket and receive candy from strangers. He had it down! Michel and Eric walked from house to house with him, while Brett and I stood back to watch. It was entertaining! Orien wasn't even dressed up, but that didn't matter. It was just funny to watch him enjoy his first true Halloween. 

One more thing...GO BAYLOR!!!!!! We beat UT this weekend. It was a BIG game. We're now ranked #21. Lets hope they keep it up!


  1. How was RouxPour? We tried Shogi Hibachi for the first time, and I really liked it. 21?! That's awesome!

  2. Enjoyed the time in Town Square. His costume was great. Go BEARS.