Thursday, February 24, 2011

All of Creation

until the veil was torn 
The moment that hope was born 
and guilt was pardoned once and for all 
but no longer bound by chains 
left at an empty grave 
the sinner and the sacred resolved 

and all of creation sing with me now 
lift up your voice and lay your burden down 
and all of creation sing with me now 
fill up the heavens let his glory resound 

Time has faded 
and we see him face to face 
every doubt erased forever we will worhip the king

and all of creation sing with me now 
lift up your voice and lay your burden down 
and all of creation sing with me now 
fill up the heavens let his glory resound

the reason we breathe 
is to sing of his glory 
and for all he has done praise the father praise the son and the spirit in one 

and all of creation sing with me now 
lift up your voice and lay your burden down 
and all of creation sing with me now 
fill up the heavens let his glory resound 

and every knee will bow 
oh and every tongue praise the father praise the son and the spirit in one

"All of Creation"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Park, etc

Yesterday Orien and I took a stroll to the park in the wagon. Except I didnt ride in the wagon. Just Orien.

Does he look like a little boy here or what, what his hat on... 


Quick mall trip!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Mommy Had a Mini-Vacay!

I was SO looking forward to this weekend because I had a girls getaway to the lake planned. My mom, Aunt Glenda, and some other ladies headed to lakehouse for some time without our men and kiddos. 

Let me tell you, it was bliss! I did miss my men, but not until Sunday ;) 

I'll get to more of my weekend details later in the post. First here's a few pics of Orien from last Friday.

This boy loves his baths, as most kids his age do. He must have his boat ("but") in his bath. I just wish he would like his bathtub as much as he likes Mommy & Daddy's bathtub! Ours is constantly filled with toys! Ha! I think I'll let it slide. Anything to make him happy.

We've been taking walks with various four-wheeled-toys. Orien picks out either a bike, this mini-stroller or a wagon and we loop around the neighborhood. We check out leaves, look for cats, copy bird sounds, squish bugs...all of those great memory-making Mommy-and-me things :)

Friday we stopped by Grandma Dottie's house to hang out and chat! She had a biopsy the day before and we wanted to keep her company and check on her. She was doing great! The biopsy is checking for breast cancer. We all strongly have faith that is will not be malignant and God will heal her just like He did last year! 

Our God is a GREAT God and can do the impossible.

Like I said earlier, some of us girls went up to the lakehouse for the weekend. Look who we ran into while in Greune? Ha! We wish. This is actually a picture of George hanging in Greune Hall. He's one handsome cowboy!!

We hit the jackpot in Greune! They had an outdoor shopping market that weekend. I thought these license plate guitars were cool. The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed shopping a bit. 

Afterward, we drove through the Animal Safari, which NEVER disappoints! It was so fun and we shared some good laughs. 

Overall it was such a relaxing, refreshing weekend. It goes without saying that it was MUCH much needed! I slept in until 10am Saturday! I can't believe my body even remembers how to do that. I don't think I've done that since before I was pregnant, so maybe 3-4 years? 

That was our weekend! This weekend we are heading to Mardi Gras!!!!! We cannot wait! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a life!

What a life

Kids have

And what a life

Dogs have,





What a life

Kids and dogs have!

What a life

it is

to imagine and explore

right in your own backyard

taking in every scent and sound,

and eating meatballs and pasta until you're covered from head to toe.

What a life it is!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wising Up

I'm doing a great women's bible study on Wednesdays at RPC (my church!).

It's based around Beth Moore's video series called "Wising Up - Wherever Life Happens." Today's topic was Being a Wife! I know I could always use some help in that area :) So I was excited for today. And it's simply nice to get a break from being a mom and chat with the ladies.

I just wanted to share some awesome things I walked away with after the study today.
(They are totally in random order).

* God comes to TAKE OVER a marriage not to take sides.

* It's important for women to have a healthy FEAR of the Lord.

* Obey God when it's hard so He can fight our battle FOR us.

* The Bible says those who marry WILL suffer trials! So be prepared.

* Learn to overlook small offenses in your marriage.

* Marriage is for women who are going to be WARRIORS :) Do not sit back and be passive.

Amen to the last one, right?!


"Though you have not seen Him, you love Him; and even though you do not see Him now, you believe in Him and are FILLED with an INEXPRESSIBLE and GLORIOUS JOY."

1 Peter 1:8

My TWO Valentine's

I'm spoiled! 

I've got TWO cute, sweet Valentine's to be thankful for! One little cuddly one and one bigger handsome one :) Brett did well this year!!! He surprised me in bed with a dozen red roses anddddd...a Tiffany's box! Score Brett! He gave me a gorgeous silver heart necklace. I absolutely LOVE it. It's something I can wear everyday. It's so special - great job B.

Then, that night I was floored when another Tiffany's box showed up in my hands! This time I got some great perfume! I've been wanting new perfume for about two years so I was pretty happy! Way to go Brett!!! I got Brett two shirts, a t-shirt and a polo. My man just LOVES his shirts. I promise you he has more than I do...if you don't believe me please come check out our closets. I speak the truth!

Orien was not overlooked on this special day :) We got him a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that's holding a heart. He's really into Mickey lately. He's been watching the Disney channel more verses Nick Jr, I think that's why. He loved it! 

This is O ready for school yesterday. I've been having to actually "do" his hair more lately. I know it doesn't look like he has a lot in the pictures, but he does! He gets crazy morning hair! So I mix Brett's hair gel with water and try to do what I can. 

After school we've been hitting up the parks since the weather is now in the 60s and 70s. Here's him calling the "duckies" at the Aquatic Center.

No that's not a grape. Or gum. It's an air head! Such a healthy afternoon treat. But y'all should see this kid's face LIGHT UP when I give him candy (or "tee tee"). It's priceless and soo worth it :)

I sat on the bench while Orien played in the sand for 30 minutes.

I prayed to God thanking Him for such a perfect day and perfect weather. 

I just felt SO at peace with life during this moment. It's these little moments, when I'm feeling healthy and rested, my son is happy and busy, and the sky is blue and breezy that I just feel God's presence and hands upon us! He has blessed us immensely and I cannot thank Him enough. I've been in that darkness and I can appreciate the happy moments SO much more now.

Action shot! I love this one. 

Have I mentioned how much I love the toddler stage?? :) I love seeing him entertain himself and be proud of himself. It's neat to see him building confidence and learning skills. He is so smart and sweet and outgoing. He's so perfect in my eyes and always will be!! I hope he always feels how incredibly LOVED he is by me, by Brett and by ALL of his amazing family in his life.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Story of my Migraines.

It's been a wild ride, the past six months or so. Through the grace of God I have survived and come out the other side stronger and wiser!

Here's my story of my migraines...

At the end of last summer I noticed my health began to decline and my sleep was greatly disturbed. When fall season approached my allergies hit me HARD and took over my body negatively affecting every part of my life. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't function! If I wasn't sick, I was either getting sick or getting over being sick. I had cold after cold and sinus infection after sinus infection. I was plagued with headaches and sinus pressure and stuffy noses and achy throats and sore muscles and low fevers. I felt defeated everyday.

I never felt good. My life showed it. My house was a mess. My car was a mess. Everything felt like it was out of my control. I felt like grocery shopping and running any small errand was SUCH a hard chore. Life was challenging for nearly five months.

When the cold weather FINALLY set in knocking out the ragweed I was allergic to in early December my allergies disappeared! Woohoo! But I noticed my headaches were still there and had been definitely getting worse. I had been having migraines for several weeks at this point. I would have to stop what I was doing and lay in a dark, quiet room with a heating pad wrapped around my head for sometimes an hour to get the migraine to lessen. No medicine would work and the heating pad was starting to not work as well.

After a particularly bad migraine, I made an appointment a neurologist. He set me up for an MRI, CT scan of my brain and an EEG. Everything came out normal. Whew. Then came the meds. But nothing worked. Medicine after medicine failed to take the pain away. At this point the horrible headaches were coming more frequently, almost daily. After reaching out on Facebook, nearly desperate for relief one day, a church friend recommended another neurologist. I quickly made an appointment. I really clicked with this doctor. He was friendly and easy to communicate with. Unfortunately he said he could not help me at this point. BUT. He gave me the name and number of a well-known neurologist in Houston who could. Dr. Ninan Mathew in the Museum District. Thankfully I was able to get an appointment within a week, which was amazing since people come from all over the world to see this doctor.

Dr. Mathew wasn't the easiest doctor to communicate with but he knew his stuff to say the least. After seeing me for the first time (I had a horrible migraine while at my appointment) he guessed the cause was a combination of depression, anxiety and lack of sleep. He admitted me to the hospital right away. I was given a combination of several IVs and pills to STOP the cycle of the daily headaches and intense pain. It sort of worked, off and on. I was in the hospital for three days.

When I was released the pain came back immediately and came back with strong intensity. I felt so discouraged.

What was the answer? Who had the answer? Where was I to turn? I prayed hard, but felt lost and anxious.

At this point I was simply loading up on Maxalt daily, the only medicine that seemed to work. But my insurance wasn't covering as much as I needed since I had to take the medicine every single day! I prayed and prayed asking God for guidance. I asked him for peace. I prayed for rest. I prayed for hope to find the answer. My migraines were now affecting my life in a very negative way. Everything was falling apart. I struggled to hold it all together. Every morning I woke up telling myself to be positive and sending prayers up to God giving him thanks for ALL He has blessed us with. But I still felt disheartened. I just wanted relief.

The pain was wearing down my mind, body and soul.

So back to the hospital I went. Dr. Mathew admitted me again, but this time for nearly a week. And this time around I had relief! No pain during my entire five-day hospital stay! Although the hospital made me quite anxious, I stayed strong through prayer and support from family and made it pain-free. Things were definitely looking up. Finally something, some combination of medicines and IVs were working. My head felt numb with meds and it felt amazing.

I was released on a bitterly cold and windy Thursday. My mom picked me up from Park Plaza hospital. We were both so at peace with my situation. It had been a long road and my journey of painful migraines was nearing the end.

Then Friday I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck in the face. It was all back. Every bit of it.

Just like I had never been in the hospital. The ironic thing here is now I had HOPE! God had graced me with His peace and His hope and His comfort. I felt strongly even though this evil pain was back, I was SO close to finding the root of all of this. After months and months of praying He had answered me. He covered me with peace. I thanked Him over and over. God is SO great and faithful. I knew He would be there for me and not forsake me.

That weekend I very randomly (or not so "randomly"!) met a friend of a friend at a gathering. I overheard this lady talking when something caught my ear. I jumped in asking her more about her discussion. She continued to say she had Celiac Disease and talked about how she discovered she had it a year ago. I then told her about my migraines and other odd symptoms I had been having the past few months. We both got chills as she said that ALL of the things I just listed are symptoms of Celiac Disease. She quickly gave me a book on it and said here's my number, go get tested for Celiac and call me if you have questions.

And so began my journey with Celiac.

I dove head first into "googling" that night. Again I found I had 10-15 symptoms of this disease. It's sounds ominous, saying I might have a disease. But Celiac Disease really just means your body cannot process gluten. It's an autoimmune disease, not a food allergy, as many believe it to be. So to cure the symptoms, you must live on a gluten-free diet.

I have been on a gluton-free diet for almost three days now. And guess what? Yep. No headaches. No migraines. More energy. More smiles. Life is good. No, life is spectacular. I feel like I can conquer ANYTHING.

I was tested for Celiac last week but will not know the results until this week. There is a good chance I will not have the disease, and I may just be what they call "Celiac sensitive" or "Gluten sensitive". There is also a good chance I may not have the disease OR be sensitive. But either way, I have staying on this diet to cleanse my body and improve my low immune. My immune has been low for years and it's time for that to change.

This entire process had been trying. And exhausting in every single way. It's stretched my mind, body and soul. And it's still not over with. But wow have I grown! And I know that it's part of God's plan for me. He continues to use these trials in my life to transform me from the inside out. God has shown me how to be patient, obedient and positive. I'm a more peaceful, calm person after this experience. I understand how crucial it is to have a peaceful, restful mind, body and heart. He has proven how powerful this is. Before, I was so anxious and never slowed down to focus on myself and simply BE STILL. "Be Still, And Know That I Am God." I remind myself that every single day.

Thank you for listening to my story. I hope part of my story inspires you or touches you in some way. Life is FULL of hardships. But take comfort that we are never ever walking this life alone. He is with us every step of the way...

Walking beside us, loving us, holding our hand and sometimes even carrying us through the pain.

Friday, February 11, 2011

This is OVERDUE!

My poor poor blog has been so neglected due to our life circumstances. Since 2011 begun life didn't slow down, that's for sure. I will get into that in another post, but first enjoy some photos of what's really important! Our almost TWO YEAR OLD!

We have so many great photos from the past few weeks. Enjoy! And look for an update on my health status to come soon. 

Much love to you guys!

His new football chair.

At the boat show!

Brett's sign he made for O's new room.

Big boy bed :)

Orien, my mom and I went on a spontaneous ski trip in Jackson Hole!

The slopes!

And we did some dog-sledding - the HIGHLIGHT of the trip!


Back home!


Check out his short hair cut, I LOVE it.

New hat!

Fun hair :)

Riding the mall choo choo.

Eating some good Texas food with Dad and Mommy :)