Friday, April 30, 2010

Catching Up

Since I don't have much time to type a lot right now, I'll just post captions for each photo. Hope you love them! It's a random bunch :)

Several months ago, riding in the car.

Brett's been fishing several times a week with friends before work. This wasn't his fish he caught, but he tried to pretend like it was!

Eating lunch outside with mom.

Isn't this CUTE?!

Town Square with Maqui.

Becoming a little boy!

Trying to get a good picture..

Kroger trip with grandma.

We baby sat Emerson! Look how sweet she is :)


He LOVED the little chair.

I don't think he wanted to share his chair.

I love this sweet face.

Popcicle time!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paci Hog

This is Orien just before bedtime:

For several months now, Orien will only go to sleep or nap if he has at least two or three pacifiers. He absolutely LOVES to have one in each hand and one in his mouth. Maybe it's because we only give him paci's during bed time?

So these photos are from the other night...he had his bath, we lathered him up with lotion, put in PJs on and gave him his three paci's. All ready for bed now :)

Isn't it funny how each kid has their own unique quarks?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brett's New Toy

Brett's new truck:

One word -- MASSIVE. This thing is huge! And spacious. Although it's not what I would've picked out, I am VERY happy my hard-working husband could get the exact truck he wanted for a steal. He's happy, so I'm happy.


I found my saving grace this week. My saving grace for those moments when my mind and body want to explode due to mommy-stress-overload. Not that my son is a horribly misbehaved one year old...he's just that...a one year old (boy)! He makes mom feel stretched thin some days.

Back to my saving grace. What is it? As you probably have guessed from this post's title, the answer is the YMCA. We became members this week. We have a city-wide membership so we can visit any Y in Houston. We love the Katy Y, although it's a bit further. It's clean, new, big and offers a wide varitey of work out rooms and classes. The best part? The childcare is AWESOME. That's been a deal breaker for me for other gyms. For whatever reason, most gyms don't put much effort into making the childcare clean and well-equipped. The Katy YMCA does just that and more. Orien may not be totally stoked to go into the childcare, but he knows the drill (thanks to church childcare!) and has an okay time while mommy gets her sanity back!

Orien is signed up for summer swim classes in June. It is a child/parent class, meaning he and I will do it together and follow along with the teacher. At his age, this lesson is mainly to get them used to being in the pool and to just have fun. I'm planning on it wearing him out big time too...since his class is just before his morning naptime :) It's in the morning from 9-9:30am in the outdoor heated pool. Can't wait.

As for me, I look forward to trying some of the group exercise classes -- zumba, yoga, body pump, etc. This momma's gotta get toned for bathing suit season! I was blessed with "thin genes" yes, but doesn't mean I'm toned and in shape. So those are my main goals...and to get those endorphins going!

I highly recommend a good gym membership for each mom and family. It's a perfect way to have alone time while getting in shape!

Happy Thursday to all!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Train of thought

Today is Wendesday but I wish it was the weekend. I hope Orien takes a two hour nap. I wish it was warm enough so we could swim. I wonder when Brett will be home. I can't wait to see his new truck he got today. I'm so proud of him for working hard every day. I really hope my Grandma doesn't have breast cancer. I am anxiously awaiting on the results...

I wonder if Brett and I will really start painting the new playroom tonight or if we'll sit and watch TV instead? I'm really excited about being so busy lately; I love having a full calendar. It makes me enjoy my "me" time even more. I cannot wait until MOMS at church this Friday; I love the girls in my group. I really want to go on a date with Brett but we don't have time! I need to wash our dog, but I'm too lazy. I also need to finish laundry but now I hear the baby - he's up!

I wish I had more time to update the blog, but free time is hard to come by...

I'll check in soon!


Mobile Photos

Here are some random, out of order photos from my cell phone. Enjoy...

9 months - at Aunt Rhonda's napping

9 months - Christmas Eve at the park

10 months - Emerson playing with her favorite little man :)

I love this photo. His smile is so sweet. 8-9 months?

10 months - bucket head

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Go Go Go

The Boettcher's have been on the GO lately! That's how I like life: fast-paced and busy. I do well when my calendar is full. It seems like my time-management skills are better when my free time dwindles down.

This weekend was no exception. Saturday morning us three went for a walk around the neighborhood and then played at the park. Orien was in the swing for maybe 30 min and could've kept going if we let him! We met some neighbors at the park and enjoyed the Spring morning. Leah got a special treat...I let her off her leash in the woods next to the park. She ran...and ran...and ran. That dog can RUN. I love seeing her let out all of her energy, because I know she loves it but I also know that means a calmer dog the rest of the day!

The main reason we went to the park is because we decided as a family that we need to GET moving and out more. We do a lot of things, but often instead of park trips or walks we sit and watch TV or clean the house. Well that stuff isn't as fun or near important as making memories as a family. We did two walk/park trips this weekend and had a blast. We're off to a good start.

Saturday around lunch I got my hair done. Now that I get highlights AND a cut, my hair appointments are two lovely hours long. So those appointments are just pure bliss for me. It helps that my stylist, Monica, is so so sweet and funny. She always has great stories to share. We talk about God, people, life, our troubles and our future...she is a wonderful woman!

Saturday afternoon the Berryman's and O'Conor's came over to burgers. We always want to hang out with them more (Brett's cousins & families), but never seem to make the time. So we were glad it worked out this weekend for us all to get together. It was SO much fun!! Little Allison is getting so big and prettier every day. It's amazing how much she looks like Catherine (see pictures below). She's a sweet, quiet, happy little girl. It'll be so fun for her and Orien to be really close in age. Anyway, the weather was sunny and breezy, which allowed us to be outside and catch up on life. We even dipped in the hottub for a bit. After Orien went down, we sat around the fire pit (although un-lit) and wrapped up the night with good laughs :) It was a great time and we MUST do it again!!

Sunday is our church/Home Team day! We love Sundays here. We haven't been to church in a few weeks due to Brett's recovery. It was an awesome service. I think I laughed half of the time Patrick (our pastor) is hilarious and was really on a role this morning. He is so REAL and relateable; we love it. The only "relax" time we had was in between church and home team. Brett and I rested (as much as you can rest with a 12 month old) and we all hung around the house. My Nanny & Parrain came over to watch Orien while we went to Home Team. HT was OF COURSE a blast. We are so blessed to have such a fun, laid-back, close group to grow in life with. We have become so close to the other three couples and families. They ARE like family! I could go on and on how truly amazing they all are, but that's for another post :)

Tonight, we will rest! Finally. Orien is down, I'm blogging and Brett is of course watching TV! I'm about to join him and spend some time with my other half. I love him so much and am so fortunate to share my life with an amazing, strong man like him. Ok, off to sit and not think :) Enjoy the photos. We got some GREAT ones at the park!

Brandon with Ali.

Catherine, Ali and Brandon

Isn't is outfit cute?

My man tries to climb everything.

We're ready for church!

My sweetie pie.

Park time...


Ha look at him just chillin'

Sweet smile.

This picture captures a lot. He is always so content in the outdoors.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New playroom is on the way...

Orien is just a year and our so-called "playroom" is already overflowing with toys and random, mis-matched furniture for storage. We needed to do something soon! The way my brain works is: "cheap, cheap, cheap"...the way Brett's brain works is: "call the contractor, call the contractor".

Sooo...needless to say, the contractor came over last week. He may be able to start this Friday, fingers crossed! We decided to have him build a large storage/desk unit on one side of the wall (the side where you can see the white and tan shelves currently - see below). The unit will have tons of shelves, and on the bottom will have drawers and a mini computer desk in the middle. The contractor said it would be good for resale to do the computer desk. That way a teen or whoever makes that their room can put their tv or laptop there. We also decided to have him put in beat board all around the room. That will give this room a more custom look.

The queen bed will be moved out of there, giving Orien a LOT more play space! That bed will be moved to the back room that is currently and collection of unused items and an old bed of Brett's. My aunt will take that bed, and we'll move the queen in there. Eventually we'll have that room painted (since it's currently hot pink with marker drawings on the wall) and turned into the guest room. But it won't stay a guest room for long...

When Orien is old enough to sleep in a big boy bed, we'll make that his room. Then when baby #2 comes along, the nursery will be freed up! And NO I'm not even close to wanting to have baby #2 so don't get any ideas :)

Below I posted some "before" pictures of the playroom how it currently looks. Leah of course had to jump in the pictures.

Such a ham!

This is a rare view of a CLEAN playroom!

Poor baby has bad allergies...he looks like a mess in the photo!

Riding in the Car Playing with Dad

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Summer Calendar

I am getting SO excited for summer!!!!

We have lots of things to look forward to. Now that the cancer is gone and Brett is healed, I feel like I can stop holding my breath. I didn't want to look too far into the future because the future seemed uncertain for a while there. But now we can move on and truly be happy about what the summer is going to bring us! Praise God!

Anyway, one thing I am really excited about is having family and friends over to cook out and swim. We loveeee entertaining! It's a lot of work, but it's always worth it. I love having people over and letting them enjoy our backyard and good food that Brett grills.

Summer would'nt be summer for us without the LAKE! Lake McQueeney holds so many incredible memories for me. I feel so blessed to have the lakehouse for Orien to grow up and enjoy. Like his mom, he will make many fun summer memories on the lake. We really look forward to this summer's upcoming weekend trips. I hope to bring friends as well, so they can have some R&R time on the beautiful Guadalupe!

Later in the summer, we have some trips planned. Toward the end of August, Brett, Orien and I are heading North to Jackson Hole, WY! We are meeting Brett's Aunt Judy and family there as well. We are going to enjoy a FULL week of the Tetons, wildlife, outdoor activities and relaxing at the house. It will be a fun vacation for all of us and a great opportunity for our two families to spend some quality time together.

Just two weeks after our Jackson Hole trip, we were given the opportunity to go to Disney World for a long weekend with Eric's school. Eric will be a senior on the football team and FBBA is sending them to FL to play a game. I'm not sure of all of the details of the trip, but I know we will all leave Thursday evening and return Sunday. We'll have access to the park and get to watch Eric's game (which apparently is being played in the park). Orien will be 18 months for both of these trips, so he will really get to enjoy all the fun!

I cannot express how blessed we are. We are surrounded by loving family and friends and have SO much to be excited about. The summer months are going to bring lots of JOY to our family. CAN'T WAIT! :)

Love, PMB

Here are two photos from summer '08 at the lake...

When Leah was a little pup! So cute!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Best Crawfish Ever

Who would've thought that with all of my Cajun family in Louisiana, that I would have the BEST (and BIGGEST) crawfish ever right here in Houston? Well I did...yesterday...

The Opperman's, who I've mentioned before on our blog, are now some of our closest friends. Kris (the dad) works with Brett, and Laura is one of my best friends. They have a son, Hayden (3) and a daughter, Emerson (10 mon). They go to River Pointe Church with us and we are all in the same Home Team. Needless to say, our lives are very intertwined and we love it! Well the Opperman's had us over yesterday for crawfish. They had some of their other friends as well. Orien was a busy body and kept my hands full. Brett was aching after a few hours of hanging out and didn't bring his pain med, so we headed home. But all in all, it was a great dinner with great company. That's got to be one of my favorite things in the world: spending quality time with good friends!

God Bless,

O & Emerson

He loves swinging.

Little H!

The one year olds :) Orien and Ethan!