Saturday, December 26, 2009

Orien's First Christmas

M-E-R-R-Y C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S!!!!

Orien's first Christmas was just as I had imagined - filled with love, family, food, gifts and celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Nine months is a PERFECT age for a baby's first Christmas. He was just old enough to get excited about the presents and new toys. He played with his gifts a lot, which is a very NEW thing for Orien!

The first group of photos are from Christmas Eve, when we had Brett's side of the family (Gran Bev, Judy and Craig) over to our house for lunch and presents. Orien loved his singing puppy and activity table! As you can see, he was very excited. We had lasagna for lunch and enjoyed good company. Then we went to church that afternoon for the Christmas Eve service, which was beautiful as usual. It's always one of my favorite services of the year.

We began Christmas Day at our own home, just the three of us. It was so special to have that time to exchange gifts and soak in every moment of our baby's first Christmas. This was a BIG day in my mind. I remember watching old videos of myself as a baby and toddler on Christmas, and I was happy that we recorded O and captured some of those priceless moments. I was so surprised how he reacted to the gifts - smiley and very interested!! Like I said, a week before, he could have cared less about new toys!

We then headed to my mom's house to exchange gifts and eat a big lunch! Orien got pretty overwhelmed when the entire living room filled up with wrapping paper, loud people, three dogs, new gifts and blinking, singing toys...but he had fun...and slept hard afterward :) He really liked his new car that Maqui and Popo gave him. He now has TONS of toys for him to be entertained. Of course he would still prefer mommy to just hold him 24/7!

Brett, Orien and I wrapped up the day at IHOP. We didn't feel like cooking and breakfast sounded appetizing. As we sat there being entertained by Orien's silliness, I thought how perfect the moment was - the three of us as a close family enjoying Christmas together with our nine month old baby! God has blessed on beyond what I ever could have imagined. What my life boils down to is FAMILY. And our Christmas Eve and Day was filled with it. That's all we could've asked for!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2010 is sure to bring new opportunities, more happiness and lots of LOVE!

The Boettcher's

Very happy!

Silly faces.

A sweet moment.

Funny faces. Orien had his little apron on.

Brother in laws with their new aprons from Grandma Dottie.

It's early, but MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This picture is my favorite from the whole day. His face is too cute. He was about to open all his gifts.


Loving his goldfish.

Sweet boy!

This was one of his favorite toys he got.

He looks so frustrated here haha.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Christmas Season is HERE!

Hi all!

Don't have much time to write right now but below are a bunch of pics from Dec. so far.

The first bunch are from Michel's surprise 16th Birthday party! Although it turned out to NOT be a surprise :) it was SO fun and she really enjoyed it. Brett even got to show off his smooth dance moves. The Regal Ranch was a beautiful setting for a December birthday party too!

Then there are some SNOW pics! Those were from several weeks ago (Dec 3) when it snowed several inches. I still cannot believe how much it stuck. The entire next day we still had snow in our backyard! The dogs liked it and kept biting at it lol!

Then the last group of photos are this past Sunday in town square. We took O to see Santa for the first time! He didn't really get what was going on but he did just fine :) Next year I'm sure will be a different story haha.

We're looking forward to a few more Christmas gatherings in the next few weeks! Then CHRISTMAS DAY! I cannot wait. I just love giving gifts!

I'll update soon with more pics!'s "MERRY CHRISTMAS"! HE is the REASON for the SEASON!

The Boettcher's

Chel & me - My BABY sister is 16! wow!

Daddy and his boy.

We tried to give him a little mohawk, but poor guy doesn't have much hair for it to show.

I wish I knew what he was thinking.

He was a little overwhelmed - lots of people, hay, lights, loud music, fire.

There's a smile.


Pretty Orien!

Orien and his buddy Hayden checking out the snowfall.

Playing with mommy.

Making goofy faces.

"What is going on???"

Laughing at all the toddlers in line to see Santa!


Family pic @ Town Square in Sugar Land.