Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Through Our Eyes

I have so much to update you about. 

My health. 
Summer stuff. 
& more.

My neck isn't having a good day so I'm not going to type much - just captions. Let me know what you think. This is summer through our eyes!

My birthday dinner with friends.

Of course we've been enjoying the pool.

Beau has officially moved in with Eric at OU! Check out his bed Eric made. He looks in heaven.

Recently my mom went up to OU with Eric to help set up his new apartment. My mom snapped this photo after one of Eric's football practices. They have two-a-days right now. I've heard the details. It's not pretty. But Eric is a ROCKSTAR and is doing awesome.

His apt is nicer than my house!

Bought Hi Ho Cherry-O's. It was a fail. O'Ryan just wanted to hoard all the cherries in the buckets and kept crying because they wouldn't fit. 

Aquatic Center!

It wouldn't be summer without snoballs.

Or camping out inside.

Me, on a good day :)


Cookie monster chowing down.

We always take these pics and send them to Brett during the day.

This picture says WE LOVE SUMMER.

Play group at the aquatic center!

Showing his guns.

Clear blue eyes!

See how his eyes LIGHT up when Daddy gets home?

CHECK OUT my man and this pose/expression?!

Off to Lupe's with some friends. 



After dinner, on the way to their new hot tub!!!

Ready to swim!

O'Ryan often uses the car time for deep thinking. 

Off to church. Thanks B for putting up with all of my "here take a pic!"

Have I posted that we got a new couch? I love our living room now. You can't see it much but there's pops of my fav color, turquoise, in this room too.

And this picture says "I'm spent."

Us on Father's Day morning. Brett went fishing with his buddies off shore for Father's Day. He came back with red snapper and a VERY RED face. Boo. But they had a blast. 


  1. I love the pic of O with his train! Too sweet!

    Hope all is well my friend. Looks like summer is treating your family nicely so far!

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