Monday, June 4, 2012


Maqui- do you want an egg?
O- yea, but not the diarrhea one, the other kind.

I can't whistle. I gotta get a new one.

Me- O'Ryan God made you and has a special plan for you. He will guide you and show you where to go.
O- where does He want me to go?
Me- Ha. That's a good question!
O- I think he needs to show me how to get to Avery Bibb's house. (his girl friend from school!)

God please help my earwax come out.

O'Ryan what do you love about mommy?
You're so good to me.

Mommy you a knuckle head!!!

Um awkward.

We're back in business!

Daddy's a fwower guy because he likes to give you fwowers!

God, pwease help my hair cut not stick up. Amen.

I want to name the two lizards Sandra Doughties!

I didn't want daddy to die on the dying board. I want him to do a gum ball!

Some people are yellow mommy.
Yes they are. And some are black and white.
And brown like my Y teacher.
And God made us all different a special. Pretty cool huh?
Yes I don't want everyone to have white hair.

God made my nipples special just for me.

God please Mommy's polka dots be better. (talking about my circle band-aids from my injections!)

I smell Weston. I think he's here now.

When I get married I'm gonna give them this pwetty ring okay Mommy? (points to a toy plastic ring)

Is Jesus God? (Now HOW do you answer THAT?!)

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